The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318
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“I heard that Santiago is coming. Finally, I can see the mysterious top actor up close!’
“Wow, I’m so lucky to be able to film a show with him. I have to perform well…”
“It’s useless even if you perform well. Mr. Dalton is very aloof, so people can’t even talk
much with him. You’d better not waste your time.”
While they were talking, they saw Santiago and Adam get out of the pickup.
“Ah, he’s indeed a top actor! He’s so handsome even while getting out of a pickup. Why is
there such a perfect man?” Myra, the newly promoted star, looked at Santiago dreamily,
then enthusiastically went to him. “Mr. Dalton, welcome. You must be tired from your
journey. Let me take your luggage for you.”
She tried to take Santiago’s backpack but he frowned and said coldly, “I’m sorry, I don’t like
strangers touching my things.”
“Er…” Myra’s face turned red in embarrassment. As expected, he was aloof… but not
annoying. How flawless!
Leia parked the pickup and leaped out of it. When she saw Santiago carrying a black
backpack, she quickly ran over. ’Mr. Dalton, you’re a guest. You had a long and tiring
journey, so you shouldn’t carry that backpack yourself. Let me help you.”
“Sure, thank you.” Santiago smiled gently and handed his backpack to her. He even rubbed
her head dotingly, making the other female stars quite jealous.
“How come she gets to carry his backpack? What’s that about?’ Myra stood at the back and
stamped her feet angrily.
Xavier had both hands in his pockets. He commented lightly, “It’s just him trying to look
good, don’t fall for it like her.”
“Ah, Mr. Stuart.’ Myra batted her eyelashes at Xavier, acting like a lovestruck fool. Although
she suffered a defeat with Santiago, it was nice to get Xavier’s attention.
“Xavier!” Shirley went to Xavier with her assistant’s support and said weakly, “Why did you
come back so late? I thought something happened to you. It’s so hot outside, and you’re
She took out her silk scarf and carefully wiped away the sweat on his forehead. It looked so
intimate and natural that it was almost like she was announcing to the others that she
shared a special relationship with him.
As expected, the surrounding onlookers started gossiping.
“They’re so lovey-dovey. It looks like they’re back together again. The top kiss-ass of Beach
City is back.”
“Shirley is indeed quite capable.”
“Yeah, there was a rumor going around that they had broken up, but it looks like Mr. Stuart
forgave her. He’s indeed the top kiss-ass of Beach City.”
Although they spoke softly, Leia heard them. She turned around and saw Shirley wiping
Xavier’s sweat for him. For some reason, her heart ached, and she clenched her fists.
Santiago walked alongside her. He glanced at Xavier and Shirley, then asked Leia softly,
“Are you okay?”
“Yes, of course. What could be wrong?” “That’s great.” Santiago touched her head again.
“Don’t let unworthy people affect your mood.”


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