The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320
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Xavier put his hands in his pockets quietly, and watched the happy crowd from afar coldly.
Even animals would be frightened by his menacing aura.
“They look so happy, especially Miss Osborne and Santiago. They get along so well that
people may mistake them for a couple. Santiago looks very friendly too and isn’t as aloof as
they say he is. Miss Osborne is indeed very attractive and charming.” Shirley looked at
them and smiled, purposely making matters worse.
“She’s indeed very attractive.” Xavier finally broke his silence and spoke. He turned to look
at Shirley. “If she wasn’t, you wouldn’t be so concerned about her.”
Shirley’s expression changed, and she said awkwardly, “What… What do you mean?”
“Aren’t I right? You always talk about how she’s a perfect match for others, and you watch
her closely. Doesn’t that mean that you care about her? Are you attracted to her?”
“Xavier, are you kidding me? Are you angry because I’m talking about her?” Shirley
sneered. “I’m telling the truth-she looks like the perfect match for Santiago. You can ask
others if you don’t believe me. Don’t vent your anger on me, and you don’t have to stay here
with me either. I can’t accept such an honor.”
“You’re overthinking,’ Xavier scoffed. “I’m not staying here for you. I just hate watery mud, so
I don’t want to go. It has nothing to do with you, so stop flattering yourself.”
“You!” Shirley did not expect him to humiliate her like that, and for a moment, she didn’t
know how to react. Helplessness engulfed her. It seemed as if he was destined to walk far
away from her regardless of what methods she used. He would no longer put her above
everything else like before.
Meanwhile, all the celebrities were having great fun catching mudfish in the pond. They also
started to gossip.
“Look! Mr. Stuart is so considerate. He stays with Shirley like a guardian so she doesn’t get
upset. That’s true love!”
“Shirley is good at nothing but controlling Mr. Stuart. As long as she does that, she’ll have a
spot in the entertainment circle…”
“Yes, not everyone has such a skill. We need to rely on ourselves. Oh, how sad we are!”
Leia felt very frustrated as she listened to them, and started digging in the mud wildly to vent
her frustrations. She kept on digging to try and catch a mudfish, but the only thing she got
was a face full of mud.
“Ah, my eyes!” She wailed as she stumbled back, unable to see because of the mud in her
eyes. She fell over, looking very pitiful.
“Be careful!” Santiago strode over and helped her up. “Are you okay?”
“There’s something in my eyes!” She kept her eyes closed and felt very embarrassed. “Oh,
gosh! I didn’t catch a mudfish but I almost turned blind.
I’m so useless…”
Suddenly, she felt someone carry her.
“Ah, Mr. Dalton, I’m fine. I just need to rest. I can’t let you carry me,” Leia protested, but she
still hugged his neck tightly.
She would never let go of such a golden opportunity.


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