The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321
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Someone carried Leia out of the pond and into the house. She heard the door creak, and
then she was gently lowered down.
“Eh, Mr. Dalton, where did you take me to? Did you take me to a room?
Well, I feel quite shy since we’re alone in a room. Haha!” She closed her eyes and stood
there obediently. Although she claimed that she was shy, she could not suppress her smile.
‘Oh, my goodness! This is the idol I’ve admired for so many years. I’d be more than happy to
be in the same room with him even if we do nothing.’
But he was indeed aloof. He carried her and said nothing, and she could even feel his cold
aura. After a while, she heard footsteps again. He stood before her and used a wet towel to
gently wipe her eyes and cheeks, attentive and gentle.
Leia blushed and said shyly, “I’m not worthy to have you wipe my face for me like this… If
your fans learn about this, they’ll beat me up!’
“Hmph, you seem fine now, but why can’t you walk when it comes to him?” A voice said
Leia was confused and carefully opened her eyes. To her surprise, it was Xavier who stood
before her. Her expression instantly turned sullen, and she asked grumpily, “Why are you
“Who else would it be?” He snorted. “Who else would take such great care of you? I carried
you out of the pond and wiped your face, but you rolled your eyes at me.”
“Where’s Mr. Dalton? What did you do to him?” Leia looked around and found that they
were in the room they arrived in on the first night. The door was closed tightly, and they
were the only ones in the room. Santiago was nowhere to be found.
“He has so many tricks up his sleeve. He isn’t satisfied with being an idol, so he wanted to
catch mudfish instead. What could I possibly do to him?”
“No, you’re worse than him. You’re bad, so you think all men are scumbags like you!”
“Forget it if you don’t believe me. You’ll just have to learn the hard way.” Xavier casually
threw the towel into the basin. He was an experienced man in the world of fame. He had
met a lot of people, and could see through a scheming man like Santiago, who purposely
put up a brooding and aloof front. Only a fool like Leia would be bewitched by Santiago.
Before Leia left, she turned and warned Xavier, “Please don’t be alone in a room with me
next time. Everyone will make wild guesses, and it’ll ruin my image…”
“Everyone?” Xavier said coldly, “Are you really afraid of ruining your image? You probably
just don’t want that pretentious jerk out there to misunderstand.’
“Which pretentious jerk?” Leia was baffled. She now realized that men were worse than
women when they mocked others.
“Nothing. You won’t give up if you don’t suffer, so I won’t try to persuade you either.” Xavier
lifted his chin arrogantly and left the room before Leia.
“How strange!” Leia watched his back, thinking that men were the hardest creatures to
understand. He claimed that she would never give up if she didn’t suffer, but she felt he
should be taking that advice instead.
Everyone in Happy Days could see what a scheming snake Shirley was, so why couldn’t


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