The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322
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Xavier was used to being a kiss-ass, so he was blind to the fact.
Leia walked out of the room. The other celebrities had caught a lot of mudfish and returned
to the house already.
Santiago was the last to come ashore. When Leia was not around, he kept to himself and
spoke to no one. He showed everyone a sullen face and maintained his image as the aloof
top actor.
“Mr. Dalton, what did you get? Let me help you!” Leia ran to the shore enthusiastically and
extended her hand to Santiago.
Santiago’s gaze softened, and he smiled warmly. “Are your eyes okay?”
“Well, yeah. I just got a bit of mud in my eyes.”
“I’m sorry about what happened just now. At first, I wanted to…’ He trailed off, feeling
defeated. He had wanted to help her wipe her eyes but Xavier beat him to it and carried her
Xavier had obviously been trying to challenge Santiago, and the other celebrities had
watched curiously.
He wanted to fight Xavier at that moment, but held himself back after much consideration.
Now, he felt he was a coward. He gave up on the person he cared about. It was no different
from sacrificing his happiness.
Inexplicably, he recalled the first time he met Leia three years ago…
“Mr. Dalton?” Leia waved a hand in front of his face, feeling like his gaze was as strange as
that scumbag Xavier’s.
“I’m sorry, my mind was elsewhere.” Santiago regained his wits and held her hand to come
He had missed her three years ago because of his cowardice. Three years later, fate had
put them back together again, so it had to be written in the stars.
He would not let her go again.
“I caught quite a lot today, so I’ll fry mudfish for you. What flavor do you like?” Santiago
smiled and asked her.
“Eh? Are… Are you going to cook for me?” Leia thought she heard him wrong. He said he
wanted to cook for her instead of everyone else. It meant that the dish was just for her.
“Yeah, I’ll cook for you. What flavor do you like?” Santiago repeated himself. He did not
want to beat around the bush now. After all, Xavier was upfront, and if Santiago behaved
superficially, she would never have feelings for him after filming ended. She would only see
him as her idol.
And that was not the identity he wanted.
“Oh, my! You’re so nice to me, I’m flattered! I’m fine with whatever you cook, but if it’s okay
with you, make it sour and spicy. I like sour and spicy food,” Leia said excitedly. After
spending some time with him, they had become close. They were no longer a star and his
fan, but good friends.
Santiago left to cook, and Xavier stood up.
“Let me get the firewood ready for you.” Xavier sneered and drove everyone away before
he followed Santiago into the kitchen.


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