The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1323

Xavier’s fierce demeanor made the enthusiastic onlookers hold their breaths.
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“Uhm… Is he going to get the firewood ready? He looks like he’s going to set someone on
fire instead!”
Leia scowled angrily. “Getting firewood ready? You live like a prince. Do you even know
what firewood looks like? You want to help, but you shouldn’t waste others’ time!”
At first, Leia planned to get the fire ready for Santiago while he prepared the fish, so they
could cook together later and deepen their relationship. But before she could say that,
Xavier came out of nowhere and ruined all her plans.
She could not figure out why he liked to meddle in her affairs. He had meddled earlier when
she wanted to ride in the pickup with Santiago, and did the same when she wanted to catch
mudfish and cook with Santiago. He was the big shot of a large entertainment company; did
he have nothing better to do?
“It’s none of your business. After all, we have a shameless person here with us, don’t we?”
Xavier put his hands in his pockets and looked at Santiago coldly.
It was obvious that he was ridiculing Santiago.
“Why would you say such a thing? You…” Leia was so enraged that Xavier had humiliated
her idol again. He claimed that her idol was pretentious, and now, he was even saying that
he was shameless. Of course, she couldn’t take that lightly.
“It’s fine.” Santiago smiled and stopped Leia. He calmly retorted, “Being shameless is a skill
too. Some people want that, but they don’t have such a talent.”
He stared at Xavier without any intention of retreating. “Just let the men do the rough work
like getting the fire going. Since Mr. Stuart volunteered, you guys can just wait for the meal.”
Hence, one of them cooked while the other got the fire going. They divided their tasks and
got to work.
Leia sat in the house and looked at the kitchen from time to time, worried that Xavier would
bully Santiago. What if Xavier turned wild and burned Santiago’s face? Xavier was so
reckless that he was capable of anything!
As she thought about it, she clenched her fists and decided to go into the kitchen to keep an
eye on Xavier. It would be safer that way.
“Miss Osborne, can I talk to you alone since we’re free?” Shirley stood before Leia with her
assistant’s help. She looked naive and innocent as she spoke.
“What are you up to?” Leia frowned, cautious. She was most afraid of hypocrites like
Shirley, because she could easily fall into their traps.
“No, I don’t…” Shirley looked up and glanced around. When she confirmed that no one was
paying attention to them, she whispered, “Don’t you want to know why an accident
happened during Quinton’s surgery?”
When Leia heard that, her eyes widened in shock. She looked at Shirley coldly. “Why? Do
you want to confess?” That was the reason why she was here, but Xavier had affected her
mood, so her focus got diverted.
“Yes, I can confess, but it’s rather complicated. I want to talk to you alone if you’re willing…”
It was clearly a trap Shirley had prepared for Leia.


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