The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324
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Leia was no fool. She knew that Shirley was plotting something since she insisted on talking
alone with her. However, it concerned Quinton’s life, so even though she knew that it was a
trap, she had to soldier through it.
“Fine. Come to my room. Let’s talk alone,” Leia muttered and went to the room where she
stayed with Xavier temporarily.
After Shirley’s assistant helped her into the room, she left and closed the door forthem.
Shirley looked around. There were holes in the ground, the roof was leaking, and the bed
was extremely old. Shirley’s expression turned gloomy, and there was a hint of envy and
disbelief in her gaze. “Don’t tell me you stayed in this room with Xavier for a night?”
“Yeah, this place is pretty good. The bed is soft, and the air is fresh. What’s so hard to
understand?” Leia could not understand why Shirley asked her that. Leia and Xavier had
only slept in this bed for a night, but he had
stayed with Shirley for the rest of his time. Why would Shirley feel jealous?
“I just can’t believe it. This place looks like a rubbish dump and he’s germaphobic, but he
could sleep here?”
“Does this place look like a rubbish dump?’ Leia frowned. “It isn’t that bad. If he didn’t sleep
here, he would have to sleep in the cowshed which is worse. The person who’s
germophobic is you.’
“It looks like you’re very special to him. He could stay in this shabby house for you, and
even stepped into that pond full of mud to get you. I underestimated you…” Shirley
murmured as she clenched her fists tightly.
Leia became baffled and impatient. “Let’s get back to business. Who ordered you to call that
plastic surgery doctor to create an accident?”
“What’s the point if I tell you? You can’t handle them either.’ Shirley sneered and looked at
Leia condescendingly. Leia could never deal with that powerful big shot.
“I’d know whether I can handle them or not; it doesn’t concern you. If you don’t want to get
involved in this mess, you’d better tell me who’s behind this!’ Leia demanded angrily.
“Hah! Is that so hard to guess?” Shirley smiled mysteriously. “Only enemies will take
revenge on others… you just have to figure out who the siblings’ enemies are. Once you do,
you’ll know the truth.”
“Enemies?’ Leia scratched her hair. ‘Quinton has a lot of enemies, so how do I pick one?”
“Let me give you a hint… Didn’t someone take revenge on Carmine Pawnshop recently?
Their newly-bought treasures were drowned at sea, right?”
“Yes… That did happen.” Leia recalled Renee telling her about that. The shipwreck was a
small affair, but Chase, the most important subordinate of Carmine Pawnshop, went
missing. It was a fatal attack on Carmine Pawnshop.
Rumors claimed that it was Stefan’s doing to counterattack Quinton for slandering Hunt
“They ruined the most important worker, the backbone of the business… Isn’t it clear who
did it? You don’t have to ask me at all,” Shirley said cryptically.
“Are you saying… it’s Stefan?” Leia’s heart skipped a beat as she asked.


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