The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325
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“I didn’t say that. Anyway… I’ll leave you to your thoughts.” Shirley smiled and said vaguely,
“That’s all I can say. If you want to know the truth, you’d better find the culprit.”
Leia was speechless. She clenched her fists and stopped asking any more questions. The
answer was obvious.
“Also, you’d better stay away from Xavier. He’s Stefan’s best buddy. He’ll always take his
buddy’s side. If not, Stefan wouldn’t know about Quinton having surgery so soon and even
happen to have the doctor’s contact.” When Shirley noticed that Leia had fallen for her trick,
she continued making matters worse.
However, the truth was that the accident had nothing to do with Stefan. It was related to
Stefan’s significant other, so she felt that it was related to Stefan too. Shirley felt that she
hadn’t lied by saying that.
“I knew that scumbag Stefan was a cruel villain!’ Leia felt that Stefan was the mastermind
behind it because of Shirley’s words, and figured that Xavier must have helped Stefan.
She could not stay here any longer. She had to return to Beach City to protect Renee from
that villain.
Meanwhile, the burning fire in the kitchen predicted the imminent battle between the two
men who were there.
Santiago had rolled up his sleeves and was wearing an apron. He was cutting the
ingredients attentively, looking attractive as he worked.
Most people would be mesmerized by him, but Xavier, who was sitting by the stove and
making a fire, found Santiago detestable. He broke the firewood roughly as if he was
imagining it was Santiago’s arm, and said to Santiago icily, “So, what’s your great plan,
hmm? Just tell me if you want
money. How much do you want?”
Santiago sneered and harshly threw the ingredients into the pot. The water splashed on
Xavier’s face, and Santiago smiled vindictively. “Mr. Stuart, you’re filthy rich. How much can
you pay to get rid of me?”
Xavier wiped away the water on his face and gritted his teeth. “As expected, you’re showing
your true colors. I can easily see through a scheming man like you; you can only fool a
dumb girl like Leia. It’s good that you’re finally being honest.”
“I’m a scheming actor, and Miss Osborne is a dumb girl. Shirley and you are the only ones
who are noble and smart. Is that what you’re saying?” Santiago met Xavier’s gaze, his tone
even but firm.
Xavier felt that he was a shrewd man who had met countless people, but he felt that
Santiago was on par with him. Santiago was an actor, but he radiated an aura that
suggested he was no ordinary person. It was indeed strange.
“Which company do you belong to? Who is your backer?” Xavier narrowed his eyes and
“I didn’t sign a contract with any company. I have my team, and I accept jobs myself. No
capitalists support me either… If we’re talking about support, I only have a lot of fans like
Miss Osborne,” Santiago said slowly.
“You know that she’s your fan. Her feelings for you are what a fan feels for her idol. You’d
better not flatter yourself and let your imagination run wild. Don’t even dream of living a rich
and carefree life by hooking up with a rich, young lady.”


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