The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326
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Xavier made himself very clear. He didn’t care about Santiago’s background, but he would
not let him off the hook if he tried to approach Leia with ulterior motives.
“Hah! So, people can live a carefree life after hooking up with a rich, young lady? Isn’t that
just like what Shirley did? After she hooked up with you, she was always promoted and
supported.’ Santiago snorted. “How
hypocritical. I don’t even want to argue with you about this.”
The pot was steaming, and the fried mudfish was finally done. There were some pickles and
chili too. It was a sour and spicy meal, which Leia liked.
Xavier wanted to say more but Santiago left the kitchen, carrying the freshly -cooked meal.
Xavier was left alone in the kitchen, crying because of the smoke.
He had lost this round.
“Food is ready. Let’s eat!” Santiago called out politely.
Leia came to the table absently, looking dazed. She tried her best to force a smile but failed.
Santiago noticed that something was troubling her, so he put a mudfish on her plate. “You
should eat first, and stop thinking about other stuff. I cooked it for you, so you should do me
the favor and try it.”
“Umm… sorry for being rude.” Leia smiled apologetically at Santiago and started eating. “It’s
good. It’s the best dish I’ve ever had.”
“Of course! Although it’s just a dish, Santiago poured his heart and soul into it. We’re very
touched and jealous of you.”
“Tsk! Who made the top actor cook for her? It wasn’t me. I’m just a nobody who eats for
The other celebrities laughed and teased.
Santiago did not say anything, and just smiled in agreement quietly. People might think he
was Leia’s boyfriend.
Adam enjoyed the meal and gossip too. He also chimed in and joked, “Hey, this is a farming
variety show. Why is it turning into a dating variety show all of a sudden?”
“Mr. Jiminez, you’d better make it a dating variety show then. Isn’t it more interesting to
shoot the farming lives of couples? What’s more, we have two couples here, and it looks so
nice when they’re together. Of course, there’s a lot to talk about!”
At that time, Xavier came out of the kitchen, his face full of dirt and looking pitiful and
“Who are the two couples? Tell me so I can join in the fun too.” Xavier looked at everyone
and snarled coldly.
“No, there’s no such thing!” Everyone immediately kept their heads low and ate quietly.
They could tease the top actor, top actress, or even the rich, young lady, but they did not
dare to offend the capitalist.
The atmosphere was a little tense, and Leia put her cutlery down and sighed. “That thing
doesn’t concern me at all because I’m going to leave after this meal. I had a great time with
you guys these past few days.


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