The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328
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Xavier lifted his chin and said arrogantly, “I’m her boyfriend.”
When he made that statement, everyone was in an uproar. It was shocking to see a big shot
of the entertainment circle admit to a relationship so openly.
Leia was confused. She didn’t expect that he would reveal this, and snarled at him angrily,
‘Xavier, are you out of your mind?”
Why did he announce their relationship to others at that moment? He even did it before her
idol. He merely wanted to stop her from dating her idol. Damn it, how could he do such a
cruel thing? She could not accept it at all!
“Did I say something wrong? We’re indeed a couple. If not, why would we sleep in the same
bed in the same room the first day we got here? I think anyone with a brain would get the
idea.” Xavier smirked, happy that Leia was so affected by him. At least she wasn’t fawning
over Santiago, and was focusing on him.
“I…” Naturally, Leia was at a loss for words. She knew that people would scold her
regardless of what she said.
Santiago quietly sipped his wine and raised his brows. “If being in the same room with
another person means that you’re dating them, then wouldn’t you be dating Miss White, Mr.
Stuart? See, I can’t tell whether your
girlfriend is Miss White or Miss Osborne based on that condition. Or… are both of them your
girlfriends? Are you having two lovers at the same time?”
Leia immediately figured out how to attack Xavier. “Yes, I did stay in the same room with
you but there was only one room available at that time. We were left with no options
because we didn’t want to sleep in the cowshed, but we didn’t do anything. You and Miss
White stayed with each other for so many days, and you took such great care of her. You
guys look more like a couple. Don’t pull me into this mess, I’m single and happy!”
When Xavier saw Leia work with Santiago to cut off her relationship with him, his pride
crumbled. He stood up coldly. “Don’t forget what happened tonight. This is your choice.”
After that, he turned and left.
That day, Leia and Xavier both returned to Beach City, but they went back separately. Leia
called a cab. Xavier drove and took Shirley home.
It was a bumpy ride just like their relationship, and they had their ups and downs. At last,
they were separated.
It was afternoon the next day when they arrived at Beach City. Leia rushed to the hospital
where Quinton was without any delay.
Renee was still waiting outside the surgical room, looking exhausted.
“Ren, how’s everything?” When Leia walked out of the elevator, she saw Renee leaning
against the wall. Leia felt sorry for her friend.
Renee was overjoyed when she saw Leia, and ran to her and hugged her as if she was her
sister. “This is the last surgery. If it’s successful, Quinton will be out of danger and he’ll wake
During this period, Quinton had undergone three surgeries by Owen, and all of them had
gone smoothly. It all came down to the fourth surgery and its result.
“How high is the success rate?” Leia asked nervously.
“I think it should be fine. Doctor Wagner has exceptional medical skills, and I trust him.”
While talking, Renee glanced at the surgical room and took a deep breath. “Not just anyone
can hire him. If this surgery is successful, I have to thank that person properly.”


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