The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329
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“Umm… Is the person you’re talking about… that scumbag Stefan?” Leia asked carefully.
Renee smiled bitterly and answered, “Who else could it be?”
Leia frowned contemplatively, wondering if she should tell Renee the truth. Stefan was the
most suspicious person in this accident because of his history with Quinton, Shirley’s
statement, and connections. However, Leia didn’t have concrete evidence, so she couldn’t
accuse Stefan of it.
Besides, it would only make matters worse by hinting at it; if both parties involved got into a
fight again, they would all suffer great losses.
But… What if he did something bad again?
“Ren, you know how shrewd Stefan is. I think you’d better not trust him too much…” Leia
said finally, hoping Renee would pick up on the hint.
“Yeah, I know. There are too many obstacles between us. Quinton’s accident is enough for
us to be enemies forever, so I don’t want to have anything to do with him. I just want to
thank him for helping with this surgery.” Renee glanced at the surgery room worriedly.
Although she was exhausted, her mind was still alert.
There was no use thinking about the impossible or overstepping her boundaries. It was best
to keep a distance from him; being able to see him was already enough for her.
“That’s not what I meant. I know you won’t get involved with him again. I just want to remind
you to be on guard against him because he-”
“Alright, let’s not talk about him. The surgery will be over soon, so we need to be prepared,”
Renee interrupted Leia abruptly.
“Okay, I’ll stop.” Leia could not bear to continue when she noticed the sadness in Renee’s
eyes. Maybe Renee knew what Leia meant, but she didn’t want to face it. For the sake of
her friend’s sanity, Leia kept silent.
Soon the door of the surgery room opened, and Owen came out.
“Doctor Wagner, how was it? Was the surgery successful?” Renee hurried over to him, her
eyes watery.
“Of course!” Owen took off his mask, a smug smile on his face. “I never fail. Even the god of
death can’t defeat me.”
“Oh, that’s great…” Renee heaved a sigh of relief, and her legs wobbled.
Leia immediately rushed over to support Renee and asked Owen, “Was it really successful?
When will Quinton wake up? n
“He’ll wake up after the anesthesia subsides, which should be at around seven or eight
o’clock tonight,” Owen checked his watch and said with all the confidence of a skilled
Leia narrowed her eyes at him. “Okay, but if he doesn’t wake up by then, it’s on you!”


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