The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332
Justin stiffened, his eyes widening. “What… What did you say?”
“I’m saying that you’re a spy! You probably ordered someone to harm my brother.
If not, why did this happen right after we left to eat at the cafeteria?” Renee
demanded hoarsely, her eyes watery. She and Justin were the only ones aware
of Quinton’s condition. On the surface, Justin appeared to be taking good care of
her. Maybe he was doing it on purpose to divert her attention so someone could
harm Quinton.
Enter title…

After all, he was a Baldwin. Everyone knew how ambitious the Baldwins were.
They might want to take Quinton’s place after getting rid of him.
Leia tugged on Renee’s sleeve and urged her softly, “Ren, that’s too harsh.
There’s no way he could be a spy. If he was, he wouldn’t have spent so much
time on you, and would have gotten rid of Quinton long ago. The real spy is
someone else…”
Renee turned to look at Leia immediately. “Do you know something about this?”
“I…” Leia clenched and unclenched her fists hesitantly, not sure if she should tell
Renee the truth.
At that moment, the medical team that was working on Quinton came out of the
“Doctor, how is my brother?” Renee ran to the doctor,
deciding to talk to Leia later.
“Thankfully, we got to him in time. The patient is fine, and all his vital signs are
back to normal.”
“Oh, thank goodness. I was so scared…” Renee heaved a sigh. The last few
days had been a roller coaster ride of emotions. She just wanted everything to go
smoothly and end soon, or else, her body would surely fail her.
“You guys can go in and see him. Dr. Wagner said the patient will wake up soon,”
the doctor said to Renee.
“Great!” Renee immediately entered Quinton’s ward with Leia behind her. Justin
was left standing outside with a solemn expression.
“Justin, aren’t you coming?” Leia turned and asked him.
“No, I don’t think I should.” His head was low, and his tone was miserable.
“You… Alright then, just wait out here.” Leia knew that he was hurt by Renee’s
accusation, but she couldn’t say much under such circumstances. She could only
try to persuade Renee after Quinton woke up, or else, Renee would doubt Leia
It was now eight o’clock at night, and Renee hovered by Quinton’s bedside
Quinton had been in a coma for nearly half a month. At that moment, his fingers
moved slightly and he opened his eyes.
“He’s awake! It’s a miracle! Ren, look-Quinton’s awake!” At first, Leia had
doubted that scumbag Stefan and Dr. Wagner, but now, Quinton had actually
woken up


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