The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356
After washing up, Renee went downstairs and had breakfast with her family.
“It’s been so long since this manor has been this lively. I’m sure the late Mr. and Mrs. Everheart would be very glad if they
could see this,” Margaret commented, her eyes teary. She had woken up early to prepare breakfast for them.
“Well, I’m sure our manor will always be lively like this. Our family will get stronger, and well stay together forever,” Renee
declared happily.
“Yes, we’ll always be together!” Adie and Abby echoed cheerfully.
After breakfast, Margaret drove Adie and Abby to school. Quinton was lounging in a chair, reading a book.
Renee watched her brother for a while, then stood up and said quickly, “Quinton, you’ve just recovered. Stay home and
rest; I’ll come home soon.”
Quinton looked up from his book, and stared at Renee contemplatively. “Are you…. going to see her?”
“Yeah…” Renee hung her head, but didn’t deny it. She knew that she couldn’t hide anything from her brother.
“I’m going with you,” Quinton said firmly as he put his book down and got to his feet.
“You’re going with me?” Renee gaped at him, unsure of what to do.
Quinton raised an eyebrow at her. “Is it inconvenient?”
“No, I’m just afraid you can’t take it…” Heaving a sigh, Renee confessed, “Listen. Joanne’s not the same as before. She’s
suffered a lot, and she’s a different person now. Maybe she isn’t the pure young woman you remember, and she may hate
you more than you think. I think it’s a bit dangerous for you both to meet spontaneously like this.” She still remembered
how Joanne yearned to kill Quinton. Besides, after all the torture Joanne had been through, it was possible that she
blamed Quinton for all her suffering


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