The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357
Renee soon found Joanne’s attending doctor. “Doctor, may I know where the
patient in ward 1206 is? Did she move to another ward?”
She remembered Joanne’s ward, which happened to be on the same floor as
Quinton’s former ward. However, both Quinton and Joanne had never got to see
each other even if they were only a few dozen meters apart.
The doctor was not surprised by Renee and Quinton’s visit, and even seemed as
if he had been waiting for them. He adjusted his glasses and told them calmly,
“You’re late- Miss Garcia has already been discharged from the hospital.”
“What? She’s been discharged?” Renee spluttered, feeling her hope fade.
“Wasn’t her case pretty serious? I heard that she has to be hospitalized for at
least three months, and it’s only been around two weeks since then. Why was
she discharged? Can her body take that?”
“Well, I couldn’t say anything since it was the patient’s choice. I did try to
dissuade her, but she insisted. I can only respect her wishes.”
Enter title…
“It was her idea?” Renee’s confusion grew deeper. “Are you saying that Joanne
is awake? Did she recover well? Is she out of danger?” She recalled that
Joanne’s case was much more serious than Quinton’s. When Joanne arrived at
the hospital, she was admitted to the ICU and was in a coma. Even the doctor
hadn’t known when she would wake up.
Since Joanne had asked to leave, it meant that her condition was better. To
Renee, it was good news too.
“Miss Garcia recovered fine, but she would be better if she stayed for treatment.
She has too many injuries, new and old, and the incision on her abdomen is too
large. It’ll be lifelong damage if she doesn’t take good care of it. If it were up to
me, I would’ve never let her leave so soon…” The doctor sighed heavily. Out of all
his patients, Joanne had been the most pitiful. He couldn’t imagine why a frail
woman like her would have so many scars, cuts, scratches, and cigarette burns.
“It’s already a miracle that she survived, but she’s really pushing her luck by
leaving the hospital like this,” the doctor muttered, looking concerned.
Quinton had been unusually quiet, and he dug his nails into his palms as he
choked out, “When did she ask to leave?”
“Yesterday, at half past ten in the morning,” the doctor replied. He remembered it
because Joanne had insisted on leaving out of the blue.
“Wasn’t that when we left too, Quinton? We left maybe half an hour after that,”
Renee said slowly, realizing that it probably wasn’t a coincidence. It was clear
that Joanne had purposely left at that time, and her reason for doing so was quite
“I might not have seen her, but she saw me that day. That’s why she left…”
Quinton hung his head sadly. Joanne chose to run away without giving him a
chance to find her.
When Renee left the hospital with Quinton, Quinton was still downcast and quiet.
Renee turned to him and tried to comfort him. “Quinton, stop overthinking. I’m
sure she’s just scared and wants to protect herself; it’s normal.”


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