The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358
“Of course it’s normal-she thinks I’m a controlling pervert, so she wants to stay
far away from me. I guess I should just be grateful that she doesn’t want to kill
me.” Quinton looked up at the clouds and smiled bitterly. “Maybe she’s just biding
her time waiting for the perfect opportunity to deliver the final blow.”
Renee shook her head. “Quinton, stop. Let’s just find Joanne and make it clear to
“I would happily sink into the ocean with her if it happens again.” Quinton
interrupted her, his gaze distant.
Renee was scared by this sudden change in Quinton. She needed to find Joanne
as soon as possible and clear up their misunderstanding, but Joanne had
disappeared. Even the doctor had no idea where she went, so it would be like
finding a needle in a haystack.
“Quinton, buck up. We’ll come up with something and find her.” Renee started
the car and turned on the GPS. “Do you know if Joanne has any friends in Beach
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City? Who’s the most likely person she’ll go to?”
“She doesn’t know anyone.” After a brief pause, Quinton continued calmly, “I
killed her entire family, so the only person she knows is me.”
Renee was speechless for a moment. Although she had heard it from Joanne,
she still had her doubts… until now.
She didn’t know how to react to his statement. After enduring something like that,
it was only natural that Joanne would want to take revenge on Quinton. If it had
been Renee in her position, she would have done much worse.
“But Quinton, that’s… very cruel. Joanne’s family was your foster family. Why did
you kill them for no reason?” Renee chose her words carefully.
They deserved it. I killed them to protect Joanne.” Quinton didn’t sound the least
bit guilty as he spoke calmly. “Joanne would have died instead if I didn’t do it.
No… Joanne would have suffered a fate worse than death if they got her instead,
“Can you tell me the details?” Renee knew that Quinton was not ungrateful or a
murderer. At least, he wouldn’t kill his foster parents even if he hated them.
Something must have happened to force his hand.
“There’s nothing to explain-they deserved to die, and I would do it again if I had
to,” Quinton said fiercely, clenching his fists as he recalled his painful past.
“Take it easy. I… I’ll stop asking about it. Calm down.” Seeing a glimpse of
Quinton’s old self frightened Renee.
“I should have drowned and died with her back then. As for the other things… I
regret nothing.”
“Does that include you aborting your baby with her?” Renee blurted out, unable
to stop herself from asking.


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