The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1361

hapter 1361
Renee’s response did not surprise Stefan, and he scoffed,” Why did you even come to see me if you hate me? You even
pretentiously brought so many supplements. It’s hard for me to believe that you’re not here to kill me instead.”
Renee glared at him. “I don’t bully the weak, and I already said that we’re even… but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you.”
“You baffle me…” Stefan leaned back with his eyes closed, letting out a deep breath. “You can pick up where you left off. I
won’t resist, and I promise that I’ll die for real this time.”
“Don’t drag me into this! Just open the window-l’m sure you can kill yourself by jumping off this eighteen-storey building,”
Renee uttered grumpily. She felt that she was too softhearted if she could speak so nicely to such a wicked man. If it were
someone else, they would have slapped him hard.
“So, you came to see me even though you hate me… What is it you really want?” Stefan opened his eyes and stared at
her shrewdly, not beating around the bush.
“Well, you’re certainly smart, Mr. Hunt.” Renee decided to be blunt too. “I want to ask you about someone.”
“Who is it?”
“Joanne?” Stefan frowned and sneered, “You know which hospital she’s staying at, don’t you? You can go straight to
her without asking me.”
“Don’t be a moron! Would I have come to you if I could find her myself?” Renee snapped crossly. She sighed in
frustration, then explained, “I went to the hospital today but her attending doctor told me that she had been discharged
from the hospital a few days ago. I know that there’s no one else she can go to except you. You know where she is, don’t
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“Yes, I do,” Stefan said without hesitation.
“Really? Where is she?” Renee’s eyes brightened, and she sounded excited. She knew that she made the right choice
coming here.
“Why should I tell you?” Stefan scoffed disdainfully.
“You…” Renee’s eyes widened, and embarrassment filled her.
“You’re said it yourself-you hate me, and I nearly died in your hands. We’re enemies, so why should I help you?” Stefan
Clenching her fists, Renee found it hard to refute him. “So, you’re not going to tell me?”
“All you need to know is that she’s safe, and she just wants to recuperate peacefully. She also doesn’t want to meet
certain people, and get back into that mess,” Stefan said firmly, echoing Joanne’s words.
“She doesn’t want to meet him because they still have unresolved issues. These things can only be fixed after she meets
him.” Renee lowered her ego and asked him
pleadingly, “Can you give them a chance and help



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