The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362
“They?” Stefan frowned, finding her words very interesting.
“Yeah, you know that my brother just got out of a coma. His character has changed, and he isn’t as violent as he used to
be. He even told me that he’ll give up on the feud between you two… I just wanted Joanne to meet him to clear their
understanding,” Renee told Stefan sincerely. She felt that Stefan was not an unfeeling person despite his wickedness. If
he mediated the conflict between Quinton and Joanne, it wouldn’t affect him at all, and they would owe him big-time. Of
course, it was a good bargain.
“That’s your assumption.” Stefan narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Men are very good at pretending, and they’ll do
anything to get what they want. He was once Joanne’s closest brother, but you know the despicable things he did to her.”
Men knew men; there was no guarantee that Quinton had changed or whether he was just faking it.
Besides, Joanne was the most pitiful woman Stefan had ever met, and she’d got into this mess because of him. He had to
be responsible for it and keep her safe.
“Is there no way around it?” Renee held her forehead and contemplated it, then looked up at Stefan. “I won’t force you
since we can’t reach a compromise, but can you help me pass a message to Joanne? Just tell her that she’s very special
to Quinton and he feels sorry about her past…”
“Is that all? Doesn’t he regret it?” Stefan asked, raising a brow.
Renee remained silent. Quinton had never regretted the things he had done to Joanne, including the child he had
forcefully aborted.
Thinking about it… maybe it was best if they didn’t see each other again.
“Joanne doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her. She just wants to start a new life peacefully,” Stefan said coldly.
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Those were the exact words Joanne wanted him to tell Renee. She knew that Renee and Quinton would come looking for
“I understand. I won’t force it… as long as she can let go of her pain and start a new life,” Renee took a deep breath and
said softly. She had no right to ruin the kind of life Joanne wished for. She also couldn’t ignore Joanne’s wish just because
of Quinton’s pain.
“I’m sorry to have disturbed you today.” She nodded at him and got upto leave.
“You…” Stefan mumbled as he watched her leave, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.
Downcast, Renee left the ward and turned the corner to take the elevator. She happened to bump into Francine and
Seraphina, who were exiting the elevator.
Francine’s eyes widened in anger the moment she saw Renee. “You… Why do you still haunt and pester my son? Are you
really trying to kill him?!”
“No, I’m not,” Renee said calmly as she stared at her former mother-in-law. It was probably not her destiny to be a part of
the Hunt family. She rarely had peaceful days with the Hunts, and she also saw how Francine’s attitude towards her
changed repeatedly. She had become numb to it by now


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