The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363
Francine initially wanted to scold Renee, but upon seeing her dejected expression, her heart softened. She couldn’t bear
to say anything harsh to her, and said instead, “I know that Stef nearly died in your hands again. I don’t know what he’s
done to make you do this to him repeatedly, but you were once my daughter-in-law. Do me the favor and stay far away
from Stef for his sake. Don’t you see accidents always happen when you both get close to each other? The both of you
might love each other truly, but you’re not suitable for each other.” Francine sincerely liked and admired Renee, but
unfortunately, she was not fated to be with her son.
Francine felt that she had to break them up for the sake of Stefan’s health.
Renee nodded calmly. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to remind me. I know that I should stay far away from Stefan but
sometimes I need to come to him for urgent matters. It’s alright, I’ll give you my word now that I’ll never see him again
unless I’m forced to.”
“R-Really?” Francine’s eyes widened, and she felt moved by Renee’s promise. What a considerate and nice woman! If the
fortune-teller hadn’t told Francine that Renee and Stefan couldn’t be together, Francine would never let Renee go.
“I won’t break my word.” Renee sounded firm and calm as she spoke, then added, “But I can’t be the only one doing this.
You’d better remind your son to not meddle in my affairs. If he comes to me and ends up in danger, you can’t blame me
for it.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll advise my son. After he recovers, he’ll marry Seraphina, and I hope that he can forget about you by then,”
Francine said somberly. Seraphina and Stefan were childhood sweethearts, and their families knew each other well.
Francine believed that only an arranged marriage with no feelings tied to it could last, but… she wondered why she always
felt a little disappointed about it.
“I’ll take my leave now if you’re done.” Renee nodded at Francine as she held her bag and walked towards the elevator.
She did not feel much about Stefan and Seraphina’s impending marriage; the charming childhood sweethearts should
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have gotten married ages ago. Renee felt that her previous marriage with Stefan was an accident and a joke, and she
needed to forget about it.
“Wait,” Francine called after Renee softly.
“Is there anything else?” Confused, Renee turned around and looked at Francine.
Francine pulled Renee to a secluded corner of the stairs, then whispered, “Let’s talk alone.”
Seraphina quietly clenched her fists as she watched them leave, overwhelmed by jealousy. Unexpectedly, Renee was
capable enough to win both Stefan and Francine over.
Francine knew that Renee had strangled her beloved son and got him into the hospital, but she still treated Renee with
How it infuriated Seraphina!
Meanwhile, Francine led Renee to an isolated corner


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