The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364
“I know I shouldn’t beg you for this, but you’re a good person, so I think I can
discuss it with you.”
Renee was curious now. “Please go on.”
“It’s about Adie and Abby’s custody-” Francine started, but was immediately
interrupted by Renee.
“No, I’ll never give up custody of them,” Reene said firmly.
Although Francine had anticipated this, she still felt very aggrieved. “Normally, I
wouldn’t give up custody of either of them because they’re Hunts at the end of
the day…”
Renee shook her head and argued, “You’re wrong.
Biologically, only women’s genes are passed down, which means Adie and Abby
are Everhearts and don’t have much to do with the Hunt family.”
Enter title…
Francine frowned petulantly and complained, “Stop being so stubborn. If this
becomes a court case, the judge will surely give the Hunt family one of the kids.”
“Fine, go ahead. I have the most outstanding civil attorney who has never lost
custody cases like this before. Try it if you don’t believe me. The Murphy family
won’t be quiet about it too if word gets out,” Renee added calmly, pointing out
that Francine had more to lose.
“The Murphy family isn’t important.” Francine waved her hand dismissively and
added, “I’ve been thinking about it, and if you’re willing to give up custody of the
kids, even if it’s one of them, I’ll make Stef cancel his engagement with
Seraphina and guarantee that he’ll never get married again. He’ll focus entirely
on raising the child.” After all, he didn’t care about other women, so it would be
meaningless to ask him to get married. He might as well raise his child which
would give him something to focus on and make his life easier too.
“I’m sorry but I really can’t do that…” Taking a deep breath, Renee continued, “Do
I love my son any less than you love yours? I love Adie and Abby to the moon
and back, and I raised them with a lot of love and care. They’re twins and can’t
leave each other; you’ll be hurting them if you separate them. Have you ever
considered their feelings?”
“I… I…” Francine’s stubborn front immediately crumbled, and she felt humiliated.
Renee’s logic made it difficult for Francine to argue, and the elder woman finally
admitted sadly, “I know I’m being selfish, but I love and miss them very much. I…
I guess I didn’t think this through.”
Renee sighed when she saw how crestfallen Francine looked, and her heart
softened. “If you love and miss them, you all can pay them a visit once a month.
Is that acceptable?”
“Really?” Francine’s grief turned to joy, and she couldn’t believe that Renee was
being so generous. “Are you really willing to let me visit them? Can I take them
back to the Hunt manor to stay the night there?” After Stefan had gotten injured,
his recovery had taken six months, and the Hunts had never met Adie and Abby
during that time. Not only had Renee prohibited it, but Quinton’s men always
escorted the children and no one could approach them. Besides that, Stefan
couldn’t be stimulated with past memories while he was recovering, so they also
purposely stopped mentioning the children. However, things were much better
now, so it would be best if the Hunts and Everhearts could get along and raise
the children together.
“Sure, but only if they stay for a day or two,” Renee agreed after a brief
contemplation. As a mother, she was happy to see more people doting on her
children as long as they were sincere about it.


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