The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365
Renee felt dejected after she came back from the hospital. When she arrived at
the Everheart Manor, she found Quinton digging the ground with Adie and Abby
in the large back garden. The children were jumping around Quinton happily, a
thin layer of sweat on their chubby faces.
“What are you all doing?” Renee’s heart softened and she smiled tenderly when
she saw them.
Mommy, look! Uncle is teaching us how to plant flowers.” Abby’s cheeks were
flushed from all the jumping around, making her look even more adorable.
“Really? What kind of flowers are you planting?” Renee walked into the garden
and asked curiously.
“Of course, we’re planting sunflowers, your favorite. Uncle said this kind of
sunflower will blossom in a month, and by then, this garden will be filled with
golden sunflowers as pretty as the ones in Sun Island!” Abby exclaimed,
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sounding a little wistful. Sun Island was where she and Adie were born, and they
had so many wonderful memories there.
Mommy, when can we go back to Sun Island for some fun?” Adie put his shovel
down and wiped away his sweat, asking Renee seriously.
“I can take you there anytime you want.” Renee squatted down and held Adie’s
shoulders. Smiling, she added, “But not now because I still have a lot of things to
deal with.”
“What kind of things?” Adie asked innocently, “Can I help?”
“No, you can’t help me with it. The important thing is that you’re happy and go to
school every day with your sister.”
“Don’t worry, Mommy. Abby and I will do just that.” Adie clenched his fists in
determination, looking like an adult about to take on a challenging task.
Renee chuckled in amusement and said, “Great! Can you tell me the interesting
things happening at your kindergarten?”
“Sure, there’s a lot…” Adie started, but Abby beat him to it.
Abby held Renee’s hand and said petulantly, “Mommy, Adie is very popular in the
kindergarten. Everyone calls him Prince Charming and many girls want to play
with him. He doesn’t even have time to play with me.”
“No, that’s not true,” Adie objected. “Don’t listen to her, Mommy. She’s the
princess there, and many boys want to play with her. She’s too busy to play with
“Haha! It looks like both of you are very popular.” Renee relaxed after she heard
that they had adapted well to the kindergarten. They’d grown up in Sun Island,
and although it was a beautiful place, there weren’t many people around. She’d
always been worried that they would be socially awkward around other kids, but
it seemed like her children had better social skills than her.
“Mommy, my teacher said there’s a carnival next Wednesday, and that Daddy
and Mommy have to go. Can you go?” Abby blinked and looked at Renee
“Of course, I can,” Renee agreed enthusiastically


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