The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366
“Umm… Can you ask Daddy to go too?” Abby asked Renee carefully.
“Why are you calling him Daddy? He’s just a scumbag, so forget about him!” Adie said angrily, his deep hatred for Stefan
obvious. He didn’t know how it happened, but he’d read in the news that the man who promised to take good care of his mother
was now dating another woman and was about to marry her.
Also, he had purposely snuck away from Quinton’s bodyguards one day to go to Stefan’s office, but when he found him, Stefan
had just walked past him, laughing and talking to another woman, as if he didn’t know him. At that moment, he knew that his
father had been snatched by someone else, and he had lost him. He was fine with it since he hadn’t grown up with him, but he
just couldn’t bear to see his mother get hurt.
“I knew he was a bad guy! He let Mommy down. I would have taken revenge on him if Mommy didn’t stop me,” Adie huffed
“But… But the teacher said both Daddy and Mommy have to come. What will we do?” Abby asked, still hoping Stefan could
come. She still had a good impression of her handsome daddy, and hoped that he could still be her daddy.
Their conversation made Renee’s heart ache. Adie hated
Stefan and Abby loved him, and the whole situation made Renee feel very helpless.
“Did you forget about your uncle? I can go with you,” Quinton flashed the children a smile and suggested. He planted the last of
the sunflower seeds, adjusted his sunhat, and sighed in satisfaction.
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“Yeah, what about your uncle? I’m sure all of your teachers will be dazzled by him…” Renee grinned at Quinton teasingly. She
felt that it was pretty good to have a man in her family.
“Well, that’s settled. Uncle and Mommy will join the carnival, and our family will be the most charming family in the kindergarten,”
Abby declared eagerly, her eyes sparkling. She pulled her brother’s hand, and the two of them ran around the garden excitedly.
A sigh escaped Renee as she turned to Quinton. “Quinton, I’m sorry. Joanne…”
“Silly girl, you don’t have to say sorry to me. This is between Joanne and me, and I shouldn’t have gotten you involved in this
mess…” Quinton watched the kids as they played, his gaze filled with grief. “It’s already good enough that she’s alive; I won’t ask
for anything more.”
“Quinton, don’t say that. I don’t think it’s impossible to fix this. You just have to give her time to move past everything that
happened.” Before she could say anything else, Renee received a text from Stefan. Surprised, she opened it to find a video of
Joanne playing the piano with the sun shining on her. She looked serene and gentle, and very much different from when Renee
first saw her. Renee had no idea where
Joanne was, but she seemed well. Stefan must have sent her that video to ease her worry.
“Quinton, look at this…”


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