The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367
Renee handed her phone to Quinton.
“That’s…” Quinton saw the familiar woman playing the piano enchantingly, and his eyes became watery.
“Give it time, Quinton. I believe that the both of you will surely meet one day.” Renee patted Quinton’s shoulder and consoled
him gently.
“I’m just glad she’s alive… That’s all I want,” Quinton choked out hoarsely, his voice thick with emotion. After a while of staring at
the woman on the screen, he finally calmed down and returned the phone to Renee. “Renee, I know you mean well. Don’t worry,
I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’ll be okay.”
“Great! There’s no time to grieve-the fort master still has Liam, and Chase is still missing. We didn’t even find our parents’
murderer, and we have yet to see our family prosper … We must stay strong and hold on.” Renee was forced to pressure him
like this so he would be hopeful and motivated again. He did well under pressure, and needed the drive to move on.
After that day, Renee could feel that Quinton had gotten better and more energetic. Eventually, he was himself again.
The kindergarten’s carnival was held as scheduled, and both Renee and Quinton participated in it enthusiastically. The theme for
the carnival was Halloween, and all the children and their parents had to put on their costumes and work together to complete
tasks given by the teachers.
Renee ordered a customized set of family costumes in advance, and she’d picked a fairy theme. Renee and Abby wore beautiful,
long dresses while Quinton and Adie wore matching suits. The four of them looked charming and refined, and when they got out
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of the car, everyone’s attention was immediately glued to them. They were impeccable in terms of their behaviour and looks, and
they painted a lovely picture. A lot of parents took photos of them, and everyone wondered which influential and elegant family
they were from.
“Hey, are they stars? They’re so pretty… I would love to have a group photo with them!”
“I don’t think celebrities are as good as them. I’m sure they’re royalty!”
“Wow, this kindergarten is full of powerful people. I did the right thing by enrolling my kid here.”
The parents watched Renee and her family in awe, excitedly whispering about them.
Miss Apple, Adie and Abby’s class teacher, welcomed Renee and her family proudly. “Miss Everheart, thank you very much for
coming. I’m sure our class will be the champion with you here!” She remarked enthusiastically.
All the classes would join the competition, and they would be evaluated based on their costumes and completion of the tasks.
The class with the highest marks would be named Best Class and would gain a mysterious gift, so all the class teachers would
try their best to win first place every year.


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