The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368
It was practically a given that Renee’s family would win the game today because their charming costumes would definitely earn
them high marks.
“I think so too. We’ll be the champions for sure! Adie, Abby… Let’s do our best!” Renee said to her children eagerly.
Miss Apple then turned to look at Quinton, and was mesmerized by his good looks. Blushing, she asked shyly,11 Sir, are you
Adie and Abby’s father? You’re so handsome.” She had taken over Adie and Abby’s class during the previous semester, so she
usually only met Margaret. She had no idea what Adie and Abby’s father looked like.
“Umm… he is-” Renee started awkwardly, but Quinton interrupted her.
“Yeah, I’m Adie and Abby’s father,” he said firmly.
“Great, because we need the kids’ parents to help them complete their tasks today. The rules are that only the kids’ parents can
join the competition, and relatives and friends can only watch and cheer them on,” Miss Apple explained.
“Understood, Miss Apple. We’ll try our best,” Quinton replied with a smile. He had learned of this specific rule beforehand which
was why he was pretending to be Adie and Abby’s father for now. He knew that the children would be disappointed if they
couldn’t join the competition, and he didn’t want that.
However, Renee was a little upset by that rule. “Miss Apple, I think that rule isn’t very nice.”
“Why’s that, Miss Everheart?” Miss Apple asked.
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“The divorce rate is so high nowadays. Some kids live with their mother, father, or even their grandparents. Can’t they join this
competition? Isn’t that rule a little discriminatory?” Renee knew for a fact that the current divorce rate had risen tremendously. If
the kindergarten discriminated against children from divorced families, many of the children would suffer. To Renee, it was an
extremely outdated concept.
“Miss Everheart, I understand your concerns, butthat won’t happen at Monte Perry Kindergarten because we’re very strict about
the students’ backgrounds here. Generally, children from the kind of families you talked about won’t be allowed to attend this
kindergarten. Besides, the rule is just there to prevent any cheating during the game. It’s unfair for the other parents, don’t you
think?” Miss Apple didn’t know about the complicated situation in Adie and Abby’s family, and she had no idea that her words had
hurt Renee.
“But…” Renee wanted to argue but Quinton stopped her.
Quinton leaned in close to her ear and warned her, “Forget it, Renee, ordinary people won’t understand. Besides, the kids are
still studying here, so let’s not make a fuss.”
“Well, I just wonder why they’re so prejudiced towards single families. Are we living in ancient times?” Renee huffed sulkily, far
from appeased.
“It’s very normal. The parents here are elites, so naturally, they’ll want their kids to live in a harmonious and loving environment.
They’ll always want the best for their kids,” Quinton replied rationally. His calm pacifism was a stark contrast to his past self, who
would have definitely argued and made a scene.
For a moment, Renee felt helpless.


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