The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369
The competition started with ten teams and different tasks. Each task was rather difficult, and quite a lot of teams were
disqualified after the first few rounds, but Renee and her family were strong. Naturally, they conquered each task successfully
and soon ended up at the final task.
There were only three teams remaining for the final task, which was to raise an artificial moon to the highest spot on the platform
the fastest. The team that managed to raise it to the highest spot would be the champion, and there was also a climbing wall for
the task that tested the parents’ strength and endurance.
“Okay, each team has to send a representative for the final task. Ladies and gentlemen, you can start preparing now,” the judge
announced excitedly.
Renee looked up at the tall wall and clenched her fists eagerly. “Quinton, leave this to me. I’m good at climbing!”
“No, it looks dangerous. Let me do it instead. You can cheer me on with Adie and Abby,” Quinton insisted though he was terrible
at climbing and afraid of heights. He was trying to overcome his fears and take the lead as the head of the family.
“Stop acting tough. Chase told me that you’re scared of heights, so just let me do it. Don’t worry, I won the Aeos Climbing
Championship four years ago.” Snapping her fingers, Renee put on the equipment and strapped the moon to her back.
“You’re the best, Mommy. We’ll definitely win the final round! ” Abby cheered Renee on.
However, Adie frowned in worry. “Are you sure you can do it, Mommy? Let me do it instead. I don’t want you to take risks since
you’re a woman…”
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“Hah! Don’t worry, I’ll win this game for you.” Renee rubbed her children’s heads affectionately and set off.
“Okay, we’ll start the game now!” The judge blew his whistle, and the three team representatives climbed up the wall
Being a climbing expert with good stamina and coordination, Renee was in the lead. However, her neighboring competitor was a
strong and sturdy man. He persisted in climbing up the wall and soon caught up to Renee.
“Come on, Mommy!”
“Come on, Daddy!”
Both Adie and Abby cheered Renee on while another child cheered his father on. It was a very intense match.
However, this was more than a mere kindergarten activity— it was also an advertisement whereby the whole competition was
broadcast live on television. Monte Perry Kindergarten was a famous kindergarten in Beach City, so its students and their
families were elite and rich. Of course, ordinary netizens were eager to watch an intense competition like this that involved rich
and famous people. They also loved to gossip about the heirs and heads of the families, and their heated discussions made the
competition a hot topic on the internet.
Naturally, both Leia and Justin were watching the live broadcast on a laptop. They had even planned a celebration party already.
“I was right-my bestie never loses,” Leia said proudly as she recorded the competition on her phone.
“Yeah, she beat me in hacking every year back then. She was always first, and I was always second. She’s just so strong!”


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