The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370
Justin admired Renee a lot, and it was so mind-boggling to him that she was great at everything except romantic relationships.
Meanwhile, Stefan was still recuperating in bed. He felt rather bored until Francine turned on the TV to watch the live broadcast
of the kindergarten carnival. When he saw Renee and the children, he snorted disdainfully. “I didn’t expect her to be married with
Francine glanced at him helplessly. She yearned to tell him that Renee was married to him and the children were his, but she
eventually decided against it because the doctor said to avoid stimulating his mind before he fully recovered. If she told him that
Renee was his wife and Adie and Abby were his children, it would be a fatal blow. Things would get worse if his mind was
affected, and he fell sick again.
“Yes, she’s a mother, so you’d better stop getting involved in her affairs.” Francine tried to persuade Stefan, hoping he would give
up on Renee and not have any thoughts about her before he fully recovered.
“Who is the father of her children?” Stefan demanded coldly as he turned to Francine.
“How would I know? She won’t tell us about her private life, and we shouldn’t get involved in her affairs anyway,” Francine replied
vaguely, averting her gaze.
Stefan turned back to the television, his contemplative gaze glued to the glowing screen.
“You’d better hurry up and marry Seraphina soon and have kids too,” Francine quickly added. At first, she was fine with Stefan
staying single as long as Renee was willing to give up custody of one of her children so Stefan could raise the child. However,
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after that day, she could tell that it would never happen. She also couldn’t hire a lawyer to sue Renee for it. After much
contemplation, she felt that it was more realistic for Stefan to forget about his past and start a new life.
“Her having kids has nothing to do with me, and I don’t have to compete with her for it,” Stefan scoffed. He did have thoughts
about Renee before this, but now… He put them all behind him after he realized that she had two children with another man. It
made him feel like a fool.
“Mom, turn it off. It’s noisy, and I want to rest.” Stefan closed his eyes as a strange sort of sadness consumed him.
“Okay, I’ll turn it off.” However, Francine wanted to see the children, so she watched the live show secretly on her phone after
turning the TV off.
Unfortunately, something terrible happened at the carnival at that moment…


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