The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371
Renee had climbed pretty high when she heard them announce that they were about to select the champion, and she suddenly
felt the safety buckle behind her shake. It made her feel unsteady, like she was about to fall.
“Ten, nine, eight, seven…” The judge began to countdown, and everyone held their breath as they waited for the final result.
Unwilling to give up, Renee gritted her teeth and kept on climbing speedily.
“Three, two, one. Okay, let’s congratulate Adie and Abby’s family for winning this carnival!” The judge boomed, and everyone
However, before Renee could turn to wave to Adie and Abby who cheered below, she found herself plummeting downwards.
“Ah!” There were horrified screams and shouts from the crowd as they watched Renee fall.
Quinton, Adie, and Abby frantically ran to where Renee had fallen, but a security guard stopped them. “Calm down and don’t
move. We have safety precautions installed, so she’ll be fine.” The security guard announced to calm everyone down.
However, there was no doubt that Renee would be hurt from such a fall even though there were sponges on the floor as a safety
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“Get out of my way! If you delay me for even a second longer, I’ll make sure you pay for it,” Quinton snarled furiously as he
shoved the security guard aside and pushed through the crowd to get to Renee.
Renee was lying on the floor, unable to move. Excruciating pain enveloped her entire body, and her face was pale.
“Renee, are… you okay?” Quinton asked anxiously, not daring to move Renee.
“I-I’m fine but I think I’ve broken some bones and sprained my waist… Don’t worry, they’re taking safety measures. I’ll be fine.”
There was a thin layer of sweat on Renee’s face, and she forced a smile onto her face so her family wouldn’t worry.
However, she was scared that she might be paralyzed.
“Are you hurt, Mommy? We wouldn’t have joined if we knew you’d get hurt!” Abby wailed and touched Renee’s face, afraid of
hugging Renee in case she would hurt her.
Adie wanted to demand an explanation from the organizers and lock them up in jail but was dissuaded by Quinton. Everyone
was troubled over Renee’s condition.
After a while, the ambulance came. The paramedics carried her to the stretcher and rushed her to the hospital where
Stefan was.
Francine had watched the whole competition, so she knew that Renee was hurt. She was worried about her, but didn’t inform
Stefan about the accident.
“Son, rest well. I’m going out,” Francine said to Stefan, who was lying in bed and resting with his eyes closed.
“Go ahead. You don’t have to stay with me all the time; I’ve got a professional caretaker,” Stefan replied indifferently without
opening his eyes. He would recover in a few days but Francine insisted that he stay in the hospital so they could take care of
him. To Stefan, it was worse than being in jail.
Seraphina came after Francine left. She approached Stefan and asked gently, “Stefan, how are you feeling? The weather is nice
today. Do you want me to push you out for some fresh air?”


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