The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372
After her fight with Stefan, Seraphina had always been cautious around him in case he would ask to cancel their marriage again.
However, Stefan seemed to have gotten over it-he treated her nicely and didn’t ask to break off their marriage.
“No, I have a friend who’s coming to see me later,” Stefan answered aloofly.
Seraphina immediately felt guilty, and almost got burned by the hot water she was pouring for him. “Which friend? Xavier or
Her questions made him frown with displeasure. “Do I have to report to you whenever I meet my friends now?”
“No, I’m just curious. I’ll be glad if you’re meeting Xavier because it’s been a while since I last met him. I don’t know why he’s
been so busy lately.” Seraphina tried her best to sound casual as she pushed her hair behind her ear.
“No, I’m not meeting them. You’ll know later if you’re so curious,” Stefan said calmly. Right after he said that, he heard laughter
outside the ward.
“Haha! Stefan, why do we always meet at the hospital?” A man in casual clothes walked into the ward, grinning mischievously.
He noticed Seraphina standing there, and smiled politely as he studied her. “Hey, your fiancee is here, too?”
“You are?” Seraphina was also studying him, having never met him before.
“I’m Owen Wagner, a neurosurgeon.” Owen adjusted his glasses and extended his hand to her politely.
“A… A neurosurgeon!” Seraphina trembled and dropped the glass in her hand.
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“What’s the matter? Why are you so scared of me?” Owen was baffled by Seraphina’s reaction. Most people were either jealous
or admiring when he mentioned his profession, but he had never seen a reaction like this before. Seraphina was scared out of
her wits, and didn’t even dare to look at him.
“l-lt’s nothing” Seraphina forced herself to calm down and faked a smile. “I just find doctors a bit scary, especially neurosurgeons
because they operate on people’s brains.” Seraphina swallowed nervously, and asked him carefully,” Why did you come to see
“Well, your fiance had a brain surgery that made him lose a part of his memory, right? I’m thinking of checking him to see if I can
help him regain his memories,” Owen told Seraphina honestly, putting his hands in his pockets casually.
The blood drained from Seraphina’s face, and she blurted out, “No, you can’t!”
Owen raised a brow, dumbfounded by her response. “Aren’t you Stefan’s fiancee? Shouldn’t you be encouraging this? I only took
this job because Stefan and I are friends. If not, I wouldn’t have come.”
“No, you’ve got me wrong.” Seraphina swallowed and lied smoothly, “Stefan is finally cured, and I don’t want him to suffer again.
It will affect his thinking. Plus, I’m afraid something bad might happen if we keep tampering with his brain.”


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