The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373
“Oh, that’s what you’re worried about. There’s no need to worry-just look up my name, and you’ll see that I’ve never made any
mistakes. You can just look forward to your fiance regaining his memories.” Owen patted his chest proudly. He was confident in
his surgical skills and fishing because he never failed in them.
Of course, Seraphina had heard of him. When she conspired with Jovan, they had considered bribing Owen, who could do a
better job at it. However, after asking around, they learned that Owen was a weirdo who didn’t care about money or fame. He
treated patients based on his mood, so it would be difficult to bribe him. Hence, they chose the second best neurosurgeon,
someone who was not as skilled as Owen but could be easily controlled.
Owen’s confident assurance filled Seraphina with anxiety.
“You might be right, but Stefan’s condition has finally become stable. He shouldn’t be going through surgery again.
I just want to see him healthy, and it’s not important for him to regain those memories,” Seraphina said hypocritically.
“You don’t have a say in this-only the patient’s words matter here,” Owen said bluntly, and turned to Stefan who had been quiet
the whole time. “Do you want to regain your memories, Stefan?”
Stefan replied casually, “I called you here, so of course I do. No one wants to live like a fool. I’d rather suffer in pain
instead of having numb happiness.”
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His life seemed perfect with his smooth career, and caring family and fiancee. There seemed to be nothing to upset him, but he
felt like a caged animal. He didn’t know what was going on outside, and everything he saw and touched was not what he truly
Besides, he used to be in complete control of his life, so how could he accept being controlled by others instead?
“Numb happiness?” His words made Seraphina’s eyes water. She walked up to him and held his hands. “Do you think being with
me is numb happiness? I’m alive, and I’m your fiancee. I’ve soldiered through a lot of hardships with you, you know. Do you have
any idea how much you’ve hurt me?”
“I’m sorry…” Guilty, Stefan looked at Seraphina’s pained expression. “I just don’t want to live life blindly… not again.”
Seraphina said desperately, “There’s always a price to pay. Do you insist on opening Pandora’s box?”
“Yes!” Stefan sounded firm, and his tone brooked no arguments.
Heaving a long sigh, Seraphina gave up. “I see you won’t change your mind, but you have to bear the risks of this, including
death. Have you really thought this through?”
“I can accept that.” After experiencing so many things, Stefan had become insightful and was no longer afraid of death.
“Fine then, do whatever you want! I’ll stop meddling in your business!” Helpless, Seraphina ran out of the ward furiously, leaving
Stefan and Owen in the ward.
Owen pulled a chair and sat beside Stefan’s bed, shrugging and smiling teasingly. “I think you made her mad.”


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