The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375
“She’s injured?” Stefan’s calm expression immediately disappeared, and he sounded agitated as he asked urgently, “When did
this happen?”
“Just now… She joined a competition organized by some kindergarten and fell off a high platform. It’s pretty serious.” Owen had
watched the live broadcast of that competition out of boredom. After seeing Stefan’s reaction, he became even more curious
about Stefan and Renee’s relationship. He smirked and said teasingly, “She’s a mother with two kids, but you’re interested in her.
You both must have a very interesting story… Maybe you’re the father of her kids.”
“Nonsense,” Stefan scoffed arrogantly, “I’m not so vulgar to have kids with a frivolous woman like her.”
The corners of Owen’s lips curved upwards into a knowing smile. “Didn’t you lose your memory? How would you know? Did you
ask your family about it?”
“No, I didn’t,” Stefan argued stubbornly. “My family would have brought the kids home if they were related to me instead of not
mentioning them at all.”
“Maybe they have their concerns.” Owen shrugged and continued, “Anyway, there’s no point in guessing. I’ll give you a full
check-up when you’re recovered and see if I can help treat your brain. If it goes smoothly, everything will come to light.”
“Okay.” Stefen nodded because that was the only possible solution now. Meanwhile, his mind was fixed on something else. The
minute Owen left, Stefan pulled the needle of his drip out, changed into clean clothes, and left the hospital secretly.
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Elijah was waiting for Stefan in a car downstairs. He saw Stefan’s pale face and frowned in concern. “Sir, isn’t it bad for you to
leave the hospital now?”
‘We’re leaving. Hurry up and start the car,” Stefan ordered icily.
“Okay, I’ll start the car now…” After starting the car, Elijah gripped the steering wheel and asked hesitantly, “But… where are we
going? The company?”
Stefan’s eyes narrowed menacingly, and he stopped himself from strangling Elijah. “Didn’t I tell you I’m going to Renee?”
“Ah, did you say that? You just ordered me to come pick you up.” Elijah tried to defend himself when he sensed Stefan’s
murderous aura.
Stefan closed his eyes, clenching his fists as he bit out, “Have I made myself clear now? I’m going to Renee!”
“Oh, you want to see Miss Everheart. What a surprise! I’m sure you have different feelings for her. Well, you should have told me
earlier… She’s staying in the same hospital as you.” Elijah tried to emphasize how special Renee was to Stefan, and yelped
when Stefan whacked him.
“You’re losing your mind. Don’t you have enough on your plate? I don’t mind giving you more work!” Stefan shot Elijah a cold
“It’s alright, I have enough work. I’ll take you to her now.” Elijah parked the car and opened the door for Stefan before they
walked into the hospital.


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