The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377
Stefan scoffed. “I’m not a baby. I’ll be fine.” “You…! You’ve only recovered a little, but you’re acting to smug. Why can’t you see
sense?” Francine wiped away her tears helplessly.
Elijah chimed in, “Madam Hunt, blame me. Don’t blame Mr. Hunt…”
“For what?” Francine looked at Elijah in confusion.
“I didn’t investigate the situation well enough. Mr. Hunt wanted to see Miss Everheart but she’s actually here on the same floor as
him… He went out for nothing,” Elijah admitted sincerely.
His confession earned him a cold glare from Stefan. “Don’t make me send you to North Zambawi for that mining project.”
Stefan’s threat made Elijah bow his head. “Mr. Hunt, please forgive me.”
“Okay, my head hurts. Just leave me alone.” Stefan changed out of his casual clothes and flopped back onto the hospital bed
unconcernedly. He thought he could move on, but his mind was full of his memories with Renee…
Francine heaved a long sigh after leaving the ward with Elijah. “What an ill- fated destiny! They got into the same hospital even
when they were hurt. Aren’t they just bringing bad luck to each other?”
“Madam, weren’t you a materialistic person before? When did you start believing in superstitions? There’s no such thing as
bringing bad luck to others,” Elijah protested.
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“It’s true! I asked a great fortune-teller about it and learned that they will always bring bad luck to each other. Chaos will happen
as long as they’re together, and they’ll either get hurt or encounter some kind of trouble. Well, both of them are hurt now. Plus, I
separated them for their sake…” Francine did not believe in such things, but too many coincidences had made her doubt her
faith. Clenching her fists, she said, “No, I must make Renee transfer to another hospital.”
“That’s too much, Madam. She’s hurt and may be paralyzed forever. She needs to rest, so she won’t agree to move to another
hospital just like that, ” Elijah said bluntly.
“You’re right. Then I’ll make Stef move to another hospital instead. In short, I have to separate them!”
“Well… go ahead if you can. I sure can’t do it.” Elijah shrugged helplessly.
“Huh… I can’t persuade him, either.” Of course, Francine was aware of her capabilities as well as how stubborn her son was.
This issue wasn’t going to be resolved that easily.
“Don’t worry, Madam Hunt. They’re bound to meet if it’s written in the stars forthem. We don’t have to meddle in it, we just have
to let nature take its course,” Elijah said, nodding like a wise sage.
Francine glared at him. “Don’t be ridiculous. Listen, I need you to monitor him and stop him from meeting Renee. I don’t care if
it’s written in the stars or moon, I have to break them up as long as I’m alive!”
Meanwhile, most of Renee’s relatives and friends had left, and she could finally have some peace.
Leia stayed with Renee and held her hand, looking dejected. “Ren, how are you feeling? Does it hurt? Don’t hold it in if you’re
hurting. You can bite my hand if you need to… Don’t worry, even if something happens to you, I’ll take care of you forever.”
Justin was leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets, and he protested, “Hey, stop trying to steal my role. That’s my
“Hmph, the day men can be relied on, pigs will fly! I’ll take care of her and stop all men from getting close to her. If it weren’t for
you men, she
wouldn’t be so unlucky.” Leia was so upset that Renee got hurt that she was furious at Quinton for failing to protect his sister.
“Alright, stop arguing. I just sprained my waist, I’m not paralyzed. Don’t make it sound so serious,” Renee grumbled.


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