The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378
Lying in bed, Renee could feel a dull ache around her waist but it didn’t affect her much. Both Leia and Justin exchanged
hesitant glances when she said that, and Renee immediately picked up on it. “Don’t tell me I’m really paralyzed?”
“Stop saying such unlucky things!” Quinton grumbled and clenched his fists. “I’ll get the best doctors in the world to cure you,
there’ll be no risks.”
“Calm down, I’m not that weak. Even if I’m really paralyzed, you guys can just let me go,”
Renee laughed and said indifferently. She felt that it was better to die instead of living like a useless person.
“I don’t want that, Ren! I don’t want to see you suffer… You have to get better, okay?” Leia started crying again as she spoke.
Sighing, Renee said, “Okay. Could you all please leave? I want to sleep.” She hadn’t been too bothered when she arrived at the
hospital, but all the people who came to see her kept crying as if she was going to die tomorrow.
“Okay, let’s leave and let her rest.” Quinton took a deep breath and said to the others.
Justin put his hand on Renee’s gently and whispered, “Rest well, and don’t worry about anything. Leave the company to Quinton
and me.”
“Thank you. I’ll buy you a grand feast after I recover and leave the hospital.” Renee looked at Justin gratefully. Justin had indeed
put in a lot of effort for Renee recently, and she was well aware of that.
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After everyone left, the ward was quiet. Renee stared at the white ceiling, and a wave of melancholy hit her. Although she
sounded optimistic and carefree in front of others, all her worries flooded back to her once she was alone. What if she really was
paralyzed? What would happen to Adie and Abby? She slowly dozed off while dwelling on it.
When she woke up later that night, she saw someone sitting by her bed in the dark ward. She could tell by the man’s posture
and facial features that he was rather attractive.
“Quinton? Haze?” Renee asked tentatively.
“I had to come up with a million different ways to stop them from coming.” The man finally spoke, sounding tired.
“Stefan?” Renee instantly recognized his voice and became tense. “W-What do you want?” She could not move at all given her
injury, so it would be easy for him if he wanted to do anything to her.


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