The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379
“What do you think IÌI do?” Stefan crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair, smiling wickedly.
“How would I know…” Renee tried to get her phone and warned him coldly,” Get out now or I’ll call somebody.”
“Give up. You can’t reach anybody at this time because I’ve stopped them all.” Stefan laughed at Renee’s naivety. Of course, he
would have ways to stop others from coming since he had come to Renee’s ward at this hour.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Renee put her phone down and laid back on the bed with a sigh, then closed her eyes. “Go ahead if you
want to take revenge.
You can break my neck, and I won’t even be able to stop you.”
Stefan frowned unhappily and scoffed, “Do you really think I’m that wicked? IV
’No, I didn’t say you’re wicked…” Realizing he meant her no harm, Renee opened her eyes and glanced at him. “But we all know
how vindictive you are, and you’ll never allow yourself to suffer any losses. It’s only fair for you to want to break my neck.”
“Oh, so being fair is important to you now?” His expression was unclear under the dim light, and he gracefully uncrossed his legs
and moved closer to her. As his fingers traced her neck, he murmured, “Your neck is so slim; it’ll be very easy if I want to break
“You should think this through. I’m sure you’re more than happy to break my neck but it’ll be troublesome to get rid of the mess
later…” Renee could feel his cold fingers on her warm skin, but she didn’t feel scared. On the contrary, a long-lost familiarity
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gripped her heart. They were once a married couple, and he had touched every part of her body. Her body knew his touch, and
wasn’t afraid of it.
Stefan paused as he held her neck, overwhelmed by a confusing wave of nostalgia. Excitement surged through him the moment
he touched her smooth skin, and for reasons he couldn’t understand, his own body reacted with an instinctive desire. He slowly
slid his fingers down her collarbone until he reached her collar…
“Stefan, stop! Don’t tell me you’d take liberties with a woman who can’t even move!” Renee gasped and swallowed nervously,
her heart pounding in her chest.
Stefan’s hungry gaze dropped to her exposed skin, but he was not so lecherous to do anything to Renee for real. It was the first
time he had seen her so flustered, and it intrigued him. “Well, I’m not a gentleman.
Being a gentleman in this world means being passive and someone else’ backup plan B. Do you think I’ll settle for being
someone’s backup plan?”
“What the hell is all that? We’re not even close, so what’s with all this talk about being someone’s backup plan? You’re Stefan,
the mighty president of Hunt Enterprise, so you shouldn’t do anything dishonorable while I’m vulnerable like this, right?”


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