The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380
Renee held the bed sheet tightly and purposely criticized him to make him regain his wits because she was afraid that he would
take liberties with her.
Unfortunately, Stefan’s wits helped him see through her trick. He murmured teasingly, “You’ve got me all wrong. I’m not a
gentleman, and I am petty enough to use any means necessary to get what I want. I’d be a fool if I didn’t enjoy the grand feast
laid out before me.” After that, he purposely slid his fingers across her collarbone and unbuttoned the first button of her hospital
gown. More of her skin was exposed, and Stefan’s gaze darkened with desire.
“Stefan, I’ll never forgive you if you don’t stop this right now!’ Renee exclaimed, her voice high-pitched with panic.
“Weren’t we a couple in the past? Although I seem to have forgotten everything about you, we must have been intimate given
our relationship. Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” Stefan said casually, offering her a lazy smirk.
“So what if we were once a couple? Does that give you permission to do whatever you want?” Renee snapped at him, wanting to
kick him. Gritting her teeth, she said, “You’re going to get married. Can’t you be a gentleman, at least for your fiancee’s sake?”
Her words instantly killed his excitement, and he straightened his back, scowling at her unhappily. “Why do you care so much
about my relationship?”
“I’m just hoping someone can discipline you and make you stop harming others,” Renee heaved a sigh and answered grumpily.
“But you’re a mother with two kids. Didn’t you do the same?” Displeasure filled Stefan’s voice as he spoke. Previously, he felt
that he might date
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Renee after ending things with Seraphina, but after finding out that she was a mother with two children, he figured it was
impossible. It was not like he hated the children, but he felt she must have loved that man deeply since she was willing to give
birth to his children. No man could tolerate being the second choice for a woman, including Stefan.
“When did I do what you did?” His words baffled Renee.
“You harmed me, didn’t you? How can you behave like that with other men if you have kids? Justin is always by your side, isn’t
he? Don’t tell me they’re his kids,” Stefan demanded, sounding peeved..
Renee was dumbfounded by his reasoning. When did this man become so dumb? Clearly, his brain damage was pretty serious.
“Yeah, they’re Justin’s kids. If not, why would he always stay by my side? Can you stop pestering me now that you’ve learned
about my relationship?” Renee complained, wanting this crazy and foolish man to leave.


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