The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 619

Chapter 619
“I’m going to hang up now,” Renee told Leia with a sigh. “It’s time to pick up the
She then ended the call and headed straight to Monte Perry Kindergarten.
The streets in front of the kindergarten were always full of cars and crowded
with people. All kinds of luxury cars were lined up at the Monte Perry
Kindergarten gates, making it look like some kind of car exhibition was going on.
After a while, Renee finally found a parking spot. She parked her car and was
about to get out when Margaret suddenly called her.
Enter title…
“Hello?” Margaret’s voice was shaky with panic. “Miss Renee, are you here yet?
Come quickly! Something… something happened!”
“What happened?” Renee asked quickly, then said to Margaret soothingly,”
Don’t panic… Speak slowly.”
“I’m useless. Miss Renee! I deserve to die a thousand deaths! I was about to
pick up the kids just now, but the teacher told me that… that…” Margaret
sounded as if she was about to burst into tears.
“The teacher told me,” she continued anxiously, “that someone had already
come and picked them up! I asked the teacher who it was, and they said… They
said it was Adie and Abby’s daddy!”
“What?!” Renee’s mind went blank and her whole body went numb. ’Wait for
me, I’m coming there now.”
Once she’d calmed herself, she got out of her car, and headed straight towards
Margaret, who was standing at the school gate. From afar, she could make out
Margaret clutching a teacher’s arm anxiously. It was obvious that she was so
panicked that she couldn’t think straight.
“You… You should’ve known, Miss Strawberry, that Adie and Abby are raised by
a single mother! They only have their mommy, they never had a daddy! Some
criminal must’ve kidnapped them!”
“How could you hand the kids over to the kidnapper just like that?” Margaret
continued tearfully. “You must take responsibility for this! You must go get the
kids and return them to us!”
“Madam,” Miss Apple, another teacher, helplessly tried to reassure Margaret,
“please calm down. The man who came to pick the kids up today really was
their father -1 heard them call him that myself. Besides, that man is so powerful
that he could easily shut this school down if he wanted, so we really had no
choice…” fast update
“Who cares how powerful he was?! How can you just hand the kids over to him?
What kind of school is this, anyway? Is it a child trafficking kindergarten? I’m
going to report it to the police and have them drag you all to jail!” Margaret had
no idea what to do, so she could only demand that Miss Apple return the kids to
“Margaret!” Renee crossed the street and hurried over to Margaret to comfort
her. “Please, calm down.”
“You’re finally here, Miss Renee! Here they are! These are the people who
handed the kids over to a kidnapper! Hurry up and tell them to return the kids,
Miss Renee! If we wait any longer I’m afraid the kids will be in danger… M
“I know what to do, so leave it to me, okay? I’ll deal with this.”
Renee persuaded Margaret to let go of Miss Apple’s arm, then bowed deeply at
the teacher and said in an apologetic tone, “I’m so sorry, Miss Apple. Margaret
here is the one who raised the twins ever since they were born, so it’s natural
that she panicked when she found out that someone else had taken them away.
Please forgive us if she said anything offensive to you. I hope you won’t take it
to heart.”
Miss Apple smiled hesitantly and explained, “Don’t worry about it, Miss
Everheart. We know that any parent would panic when their kids are missing.
It’s perfectly understandable. Still, we must assure you that we didn’t just hand
the kids over to a random person. We only let the kids leave with the man
because they both called him Daddy. We really believe that the man can’t
possibly be a criminal.”
Renee politely asked the teacher, “Could you tell me what the man looked like,
Miss Apple?”


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