The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 620

Chapter 620
Miss Apple looked somewhat conflicted. Her eyes darted around before she
cryptically answered, “Please don’t worry, Miss Everheart. The twins are
definitely fine, and I’m sure they’ll be home in no time. As for the person who
took them away… Please forgive me, but I really can’t tell you anything about
Hearing this, Renee dug her nails into her palms and forced herself to remain
calm as she said with a sneer, “This man really is powerful, isn’t he? He’s so
powerful that he can easily kidnap other people’s kids in public, and even their
own mother doesn’t have the right to know about it.”
Enter title…
“He is indeed very powerful. In fact, only a handful of people in the whole of
Beach City would dare to go up against him, so…” Miss Apple paused for a few
seconds, then told Renee in a lowered voice, “The twins both called him Daddy
without hesitation and were very friendly with him, and the man himself… is
connected to the Hunt family.”
“Connected to the Hunt family, huh?” Renee frowned slightly as she thought
about the hints Miss Apple just gave her. Then, the realization hit her.
A powerful man in Beach City whom the kids called Daddy and was connected
to the Hunt family… Who else could it be other than Stefan Hunt?!
No wonder he had been acting so strangely in the men’s restroom today! All
those bizarre things he said, not to mention how he accused her of hiding
something important from him… Could it mean that he had long discovered the
existence of the twins?!
The more she thought about it, the more it made sense that he would find out,
because when she thought that Stefan was dead, she completely gave up on
hiding the twins’ existence from the public eye.
Besides, Adie had trespassed into his territory and caused a ruckus there, so
that must have attracted his attention. It wouldn’t have taken much investigating
before it became plainly clear to him that Adie was his son. In fact, it was likely
that he had even secretly met Adie a few times before. Could it be that the
potential match that Adie kept saying he would introduce to her, whom he called
the “Famous Chef of Beach City” was actually Stefan?
With these thoughts in mind, Renee started to feel uneasy.
“Miss Apple,” she said, “thank you very much. I think I know who I should go to
now. I’m sorry for the trouble my twins caused today; I’ll definitely bring them
back here as usual tomorrow.”
After speaking, there was a murderous glint in Renee’s eyes as she waded
through the crowd and left.
“Miss Renee!” Margaret cried out as she followed Renee, confusion written all
over her face. “Have you figured out who took Adie and Abby? I didn’t even get
any clues from her just now! What should we do now? The twins aren’t even five
years old yet… What would we do if something happened to them?”
“Don’t worry, Margaret. The kids are fine. I’ll go get them now.” Renee then sent
Margaret home and sped straight towards Hunt Residence.
It was a cheerful and lively day at the Hunt Residence, since it was the day that
Stefan had “returned from the dead”. Additionally, he’d also managed to capture
all the bad seeds in their corporation and had eliminated them in one smooth
move. Truly, it was a victorious day for the Hunt family, and was worthy of great
Old Timothy Hunt, Alexander Hunt, Francine Milford, Stefan Hunt and other
important members of the Hunt family were all gathered there at the Hunt
Residence, enjoying a grand family banquet. Everyone at the table was merrily
raising their glasses and enjoying their food when a servant came forward
nervously. She seemed to have something to say but was hesitant to say it.
“Stop standing there and stuttering!” Francine barked impatiently. “If you have
something to say, spit it out!”
The servant looked out of the dining hall and stammered, “Umm, Madam…
There’s a… guest here. Should I stop her from coming in, or should I-” “Why so
heartless, miss?


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