The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 621

Chapter 621
Despite the servant’s efforts to stop her, Renee strode in boldly and said
sarcastically, “I was once a part of the Hunt family. I treated Grandpa Hunt like
my own grandfather, so there’s no need to stop me from visiting him, right?”
Meanwhile, Timothy, who was sitting at the head of the table, was scowling
fiercely at Stefan. He was just about to teach him a lesson after learning about
the rumours about Stefan, Renee and Jovan.
However, his eyes sparkled when he heard Renee’s voice, and he turned to her
with a wide smile. ‘ Ren, my wonderful granddaughter-in-law, I was just about to
teach Stefan a lesson. I’m delighted you’re here! Come, child, sit by me.”
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He motioned to the unoccupied seat next to him and urged her to have a seat.
Meanwhile, Stefan sat on the opposite side, his expression frigid.
The servant added a new set of tableware to the table. Renee was unable to
say no to the old man, and was forced to sit at the table with the Hunts.
The jovial atmosphere immediately dimmed.
The others hadn’t said anything since they feared offending Timothy or Stefan,
so they just lowered their heads quietly and ate.
Francine, on the other hand, was as fearless and courageous as a lion. She had
been looking forward to Renee’s homecoming, and now that Renee was here,
she was overjoyed. She began piling food on Renee’s plate happily.
“My good daughter-in-law, you finally thought it through and came back to us.
See, I told you that Stefan was alive. His acting skills were so good that he had
both of us fooled! I beat him up earlier, but if you’re unhappy with him, feel free
to beat him up too.”
Hearing this, Timothy said, “Francine, this is the first time you’ve said something
good after being in the Hunt family for so many years. You should beat your son
and husband if they’ve done something wrong! Ren, you have my complete
support if you’d like to beat Stefan up.”
When the rest heard what the most powerful man in the Hunt family said, they
quickly agreed with him. “Yes, he should be beaten up. Even if he has
problems, he should not have made his wife worry!” fast update
“Ahem!” Renee had never expected things to turn out this way, and she
coughed awkwardly. Prior to this, no one in the Hunt family cared about her, and
nobody ever backed her up or let her speak. However, though she had been
divorced from Stefan for several years, she was finally being treated well by the
Hunt family.
Francine nudged Stefan and urged, “Why are you still sitting here? Can’t you
see that your wife is coughing? Get water for her. You’re a grown man, but you
don’t have common sense. No wonder you’ve been single for so many years!”
She purposely emphasised the fact that Stefan had been single for years,
glancing at Renee pointedly as she did so.
Timothy added, ‘That’s right. Renee finally comes back but you have no sense
at all. However, when she leaves, you become more gentlemanly.’
The other members of the Hunt family agreed with Timothy. “Yes. A man should
be more gentlemanly if he wants to win a girl over! Stefan, you should change
your attitude.”
Stefan’s expression was frosty, and he smacked his spoon against the table,
growling, ‘That’s enough. What are you all attempting to accomplish? And what
brings you here?”
His gaze was hard as he questioned Renee, and he stared at her like she was
his mortal enemy.
Seeing this, Renee pounded her fist on the table and snarled, “What’s the point
in pretending? You know exactly why I’m here!’


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