The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 622

Chapter 622
Stefan gingerly wiped his lips with a handkerchief, then turned to Renee with a
smirk. “Truth be told, I really don’t know why you’re here. Might it be because
you still love me and want to rekindle our relationship?’
“Excellent, excellent!” Francine clapped her hands gleefully. “Renee, if you
wanted to rekindle your relationship with Stefan, you should have just said so!
There’s no need to beat around the bush, and you don’t need Stefan’s opinion
about it – he’s a moron who doesn’t know anything. I can help you both make it
happen. We’ll arrange for a larger and better wedding too.”
Enter title…
Timothy nodded his head approvingly. “I’m glad you’re finally considering it. You
should’ve reconnected with Stefan sooner. This is something that the whole
Hunt family agrees on!’
“No way! That’s not it!” Renee’s cheeks reddened and she started to panic.” I’m
not here to reconcile with him. In fact, I’m going to become a nun and live alone
for the rest of my life. I’m never going to get back together with him!’
The atmosphere turned uncomfortable.
Stefan’s smirk instantly faded, and his gaze was cold as he remained silent.
“If you’re not here to get back with Stefan, why are you here?” Timothy inquired,
looking perplexed.
“I….” She bit her lower lip, unable to explain why. She wasn’t sure whether the
Hunts knew her about her children, and telling them about it would just cause
“It’s a personal matter between Stefan and I, so I can’t talk about it here,” Renee
said awkwardly, then turned to Stefan. “Mr. Hunt, please spare me a few
minutes of your time so I may speak with you.”
“Since you’re not here to get back with me, I believe it’s best that we keep our
distance. I don’t want anybody talking about this,” Stefan replied coldly.
Francine smacked the back of his head fiercely and scolded him, “Why are you
pretending? You’ve been missing her for years, so much so that you can’t sleep
at night. The maids believed our home was haunted because your sobs were so
loud at night. Stop being foolish and go speak to her since she’s come all the
way to see you!”
Stefan’s face fell and he answered icily, “No such thing happened.”
“I heard it as well. I have proof!” Timothy nodded his head enthusiastically and
even summoned the maids. “Ask Andrea and Lisa if you don’t trust me – they
heard it too.”
“There’s no need for that!” Stefan’s attractive face darkened, and he stood up
abruptly. He turned to Renee and said through gritted teeth, “Study room on the
second floor. Make it quick.”
Renee instantly rose, followed the man, and entered the study room.
Everyone started whispering to each other as soon as the door closed.
“Could it be that the old flame has rekindled?”
“They still love one another, so it’s only a matter of time before they reconcile.”
Francine grinned as she looked at the study room door. She had been looking
forward to this day for a long time. Stefan didn’t have to weep at night anymore
because he missed Renee. “Yes, they should have rekindled sooner. I’m looking
forward to having a grandchild!”
She laughed heartily and decided to assist her clueless son.
Renee found herself alone with Stefan once again.
He leaned on the table and looked at her. His features were gorgeous, and his
body was flawless.
Renee stood far away, refusing to go near him. “Why are you here?” Stefan
asked finally


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