The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 623

Chapter 623
Stefan’s gaze was frigid as he stared at Renee.
“There’s no one here, so you can just be honest with me. What happened to
them? They need to be released immediately. I’m willing to give up everything
forthem – even my life. Don’t push me, Stefan, I’m warning you.” Renee
clenched her fists tightly, her entire body tense. She had given birth to Addie
and Abby and raised them with all her love and attention. They weren’t just her
life, they were also the Everheart family’s future.
Stefan might have tried to take them away, but she would definitely get them
Enter title…
“I’m not sure what you’re saying.” Stefan looked perplexed as he frowned at her.
“Who are you referring to?”
“Stop acting dumb!” Renee burst out furiously. She was so enraged that she
approached him, grabbed him by the collar, and warned, “I’ll count to three, and
if you don’t give them to me, I’ll break your neck. You already know I’m capable
of it!”
“You want to break my neck?” The corners of his lips curved upwards into a lazy
smile, and he whispered challengingly, “Go ahead… Do it.”
“Do you think I’m afraid?” Renee’s eyes blazed with anger, and her lips twitched
as she bit out, “Three, two, one…”
To her surprise, the lights in the room went out before she could do anything to
him. It was now pitch black, and even the lights in the surrounding mansions
were out.
“What’s happening?” She demanded, letting go of Stefan as she looked around.
‘Have I walked into their trap? That has to be it! Stefan kidnapped Addie and
Abby, lured me here, and is now trying to kill me so he can get custody of the
kids!’ She thought in horror. Her skin prickled just thinking about it.
‘The Hunt family might be cruel, but you underestimate my abilities.” Renee
growled, then reached out to wrap her slender fingers around Stefan’s neck
again. “Don’t try anything. If anything happens to me, you’ll die with me.”
“You’re overthinking. We’re not that bored, and even if we wanted to hurt you,
we wouldn’t get our hands dirty doing it,” Stefan fast
‘After so many years, she’s still an overthinker. How could she think that we
would use such an amateur way to hurt her?’ He thought.
“Then what is going on? Why did all the lights go off?” Renee asked him
“Obviously, the power is out,” Stefan said irritatedly.
At that moment, they heard a servant’s voice from outside the room. “I
apologize, Mr. Hunt and Miss Renee. Something went wrong with the mansion’s
circuit, and the electricity has gone off completely. Can you wait for a while?
We’ll get someone to repair it right away.”
‘Wait?” Renee swallowed nervously, suddenly realizing she was a bit too close
to Stefan.
‘Are they actually expecting us to stay together in the dark?’ She thought


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