The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 624

Chapter 624
Renee could rule out that the Hunt family planned to ambush her since the
electricity had gone out due to a faulty circuit.
She let out a sigh of relief and relaxed somewhat. She let go of Stefan’s neck
and tried to move away from him, but his strong arm suddenly circled her waist.
He pulled her towards him, and she tumbled onto him with a yelp. When she felt
his warm frame against hers, she immediately froze.” What… What are you
Stefan remained silent, but his grip on her tightened.
Enter title…
Renee lost her cool and hissed at him, “Stefan, don’t you dare try to take
advantage of me. Let me go before I hurt you!”
“Stop moving!” Instead of letting her go, he held onto her like his life depended
on it.
“Clearly, you don’t value your life. Do you want me to break your arm?” She was
going to push him away when she heard sniffling. She hesitated, her eyes wide
in disbelief.
‘Is Stefan… crying?’ She thought in shock. She immediately calmed down, taken
aback by this unexpected occurrence.
“Are you alright?” She asked cautiously.
“You probably don’t know this, but when I’m alone in the dark… memories of
what happened to my brother overwhelm me, and I’ll sometimes get a panic
attack. I usually need someone to lean on, or else the consequences will be
disastrous.” He mumbled as he moved closer to her.
‘Is he being serious?’ Renee thought, bewildered. Unconvinced, she asked him,
“How bad is it?”
“My breathing and pulse will quicken, and eventually all of my organs will cease
working… and I’ll die.”
It seemed a bit exaggerated, but Stefan didn’t seem like the type to lie about
things like this.
Renee decided to believe him, and let him hold her. The room was quiet for a
while, and then she whispered menacingly, “This is an excellent chance for me
to murder you.”
Stefan tightened his grip and drew her closer to him, as if he wanted to meld
their bodies together. His lips brushed her ear as he murmured, “I told you
before that if you want to, you may.”
In the darkness, all Renee could feel was Stefan’s hot breath on her skin. Her
face turned red, but she didn’t say anything.
They held each other quietly for a while, unexpectedly accepting of the intimacy.
“Who exactly are you searching for?” In the dim light, Stefan’s husky voice rang
Renee snapped back to reality, and her body immediately tensed up. “Do you
truly not know or are you just pretending?’ She questioned, frowning.
“If I know, I’ll tell you. I don’t want to waste your time. But I’ll ask you again … Do
you think you’re keeping anything from me?” Stefan’s query was riddled with
traps and revealed nothing about the children.
“It’s dark, and our position is rather… intimate. As you said, it wouldn’t be good if
people spread rumours about us. We’ll talk about it once we’re out.” She groped
around the floor for her phone, planning to use its flashlight to lead herself out.
The Hunts were wealthy, so even their study room was the size of a middleclass
family’s entire home. Without light, it was difficult to discern where the exit was
in such a large space.
As she pulled out her phone, she noticed a text and a video from Margaret.
“Miss Ren, I can’t reach your phone. Hurry back, Adie and Abby are home.
They’re fine.”
Adie and Abby were showing off a cake in the video.
To avoid arousing Stefan’s suspicion, she immediately closed the message.
She pulled away from Stefan’s grip and went to the door using the light from her
phone. Suddenly, as she turned the doorknob, she realized it couldn’t be
“Why is the door not opening?” She twisted and turned the doorknob, but it did
not open.
“Stop wasting your energy,” Stefan stated quietly as he approached her.” Face
recognition is required for the door to open. I think that if there’s something
wrong with the circuit, the system must have been damaged as well, which is
why it’s not operating.”
“You mean…”


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