The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 625

Chapter 625
“You can’t open the door until the electricity is restored,” Stefan said bluntly.
Renee’s jaw dropped. “If the electricity doesn’t come back on by tonight, I’ll have
to spend the night with you!”
“I can handle it. It’s only one night, after all.” Stefan was so calm that Renee
wondered where his anxiety from earlier had gone. Only now did she realize
that she had fallen into his trap.
“Didn’t you say you had PTSD and that your organs would fail and you’d die? ”
She asked him suspiciously.
Enter title…
“I’ll be alright if you’re here to give me hugs. I can handle you,” Stefan said
Renee was speechless.
“You might be able to stand me, but I can’t stand you,” she remarked, rolling her
eyes. “I have to get out of here today!”
She wanted to use the light from her phone to try to figure out how to open the
doorknob, but unfortunately, her phone ran out of battery and turned off.
The room became dark once again.
“Damn it!” Her patience had reached its limit, and she patted the ground around
her, trying to feel her way towards the door. When she got to that cursed door,
she would smash the doorknob!
Suddenly, her hand landed on something rather questionable.
“What… are you doing?” Stefan hissed, not daring to move.
“Why doesn’t this feel like the doorknob?” Renee mumbled in confusion,
squeezing it a few times.
Finally, realization struck her, and the blood drained from her face. “Please don’t
tell me that’s your…”
Renee quickly let go after realizing what it was, and both of them blushed.
Tm… I apologize. That was not my intention. I just wanted to find the doorknob,
but…” Renee stammered, so embarrassed that she couldn’t form proper
No one would think it was an accident since there were so many places to
grasp, yet she went there!
Stefan feigned calmness and scoffed, “I’ve seen a lot of hooligans before, but
this is the first time I’ve encountered someone as reckless as you.
You’ve really opened my eyes.”
“What?! It really was an accident! If I had those kinds of feelings for you, I would
have initiated something while we were married!”
“Do you mean you never did anything to me throughout our marriage?” Stefan
“I…” She remembered the one time they did it while they were both drunk. She
had gotten pregnant with Adie and Abby as a result, but it seemed he had no
idea what had transpired. Since that was the case, she didn’t say anything
about it.
“Never. I’m not interested in you,” she lied.
‘You’re not interested in me?” His tone suddenly turned angry, much to her
surprise. He yanked her wrist, grabbed her waist, and pinned her against the
door. “Are you sure you’re not interested in me?” He growled, his voice fast update
“Oh, certainly,” Renee said boldly. “If I was interested in you, I would have done
it long ago, and we would have had many children. I would not have allowed
Before she could finish her sentence, his lips found hers.
His soft kiss took her breath away. Her mind went blank, and she forgot to
protest. She felt herself softening into his kiss, like prey surrendering to a
Stefan smiled against her lips, pleased with her response. “On the contrary …
you seem to be very interested in me.”


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