The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 627

Chapter 627
“Don’t you think there’s something wrong with your mother, Stefan? What is she
attempting?” Renee lamented hopelessly, “When I initially married you, she saw
me as a monster and wouldn’t let me get close to you at all because she was
worried I’d take advantage of you. But now she’s locking us up like animals
because she wants us to reconcile?”
“You’re right. My mother’s greatest dream right now is for us to have a
grandchild for her to play with. We should be grateful she hasn’t drugged us.”
Stefan couldn’t help but grin and nudge her. “Even if you wait until tomorrow, as
long as her aim is not met, she will try even more bizarre methods to get us
together. So, I propose that we try something.”
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“Try… what?” Renee choked out, her cheeks flushed.
“We should make some noise so she’ll let us go sooner,” Stefan suggested.
Renee’s cheeks flushed even more as she stammered uncomfortably, ’ What?
Is this some sort of joke? I… I’m not sure how to fake those noises!”
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“I can teach you.”
Before Renee could respond, Stefan grabbed her and put her on his lap. His
hand caressed her curves tenderly, and she let out a startled squeak
“Stefan, you pervert! What do you think you’re doing?!” Renee screeched,
swinging her hand at him.
She tried to flee, but he tightened his grip on her and leaned in closer.” Yeah,
just like that,” he purred, his hot breath fanning her neck. “Louder! Don’t stop.”
“What? Don’t even think about it… Ah!” She gasped and whimpered in pain as
Stefan pinched her hip.
After a while, she figured it out.
“I think I heard something!” Francine leaned against the door in delight.
Francine groaned when she heard Renee shout again. “Ugh, Stefan has no
idea how to be gentle. He can’t be rough with her if he loves her… After this, I’m
going to have to teach him a lesson! I’m not going to let him frighten Renee
Renee had been acting for a while and was exhausted, so she tapped Stefan on
the shoulder and hissed, “Don’t just keep quiet. Move around a little! I can’t
possibly be the only one acting.’
It was now his turn to be uncomfortable. “I refuse to do something as
embarrassing as that.” He avoided her gaze stubbornly.
“What double standards are these?! It’s humiliating for me too! You’d better
make some noise, or else your mother will think you’re just bullying me. Make
some noise, quick!”
She whacked his shoulder threateningly, but his lips were pursed tightly.
When she saw this, she pondered for a bit before coming up with an idea.
Grinning wickedly, she wiggled her fingers, then lunged forward and started
tickling him.
Stefan immediately lost control and started yelling. “Ah! Hahaha, stop!
Stop it!”
Renee couldn’t help but laugh. “I didn’t think this would work on you, but I’m
glad it did. Scream louder and beg me!”
She continued to tickle him until he was gasping.
“Okay, okay! I beg you, please let me go.” His voice sounded pained as he gave
in to her orders


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