The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 629

Chapter 629
Renee’s expression was grave as she stood before Timothy.
The old man looked up at her innocently. “What do you mean? I’ve just finished
reading the news.”
Renee pursed her lips. “You can drop the act, Grandpa. There’s no way you
would have been able to read in the dark, and besides… your newspaper is
upside down.”
Renee raised an eyebrow at him expectantly.
Enter title…
“Hmm… I…” The old man mumbled in embarrassment and adjusted the
newspaper. Refusing to admit defeat, he just went along with it. “Since I’m
farsighted. I’m accustomed to reading things upside down. This is actually the
easiest way for me to read.’
“Is that right? I don’t believe you.’ Renee was initially upset, but couldn’t help
giggling at the old man’s antics.
Seeing her laugh, he gently laid down the newspaper and said, “Ren, don’t
blame us for doing that… We just want you back. Unfortunately, like me, you
have no acting talent. Your little performance earlier might have been enough to
deceive Francine, but it’s not enough to fool me.”
Renee sighed and said softly, “Grandpa Hunt, you were married before, so you
know how it should be. I used to adore Stefan, but many years have passed,
and my feelings for him have faded. I’m sure Stefan feels the same way. How
can two people with no affection for each other marry?”
“Child, you have no understanding of Stefan or yourself. You two have feelings
for each other, but…”
“Grandpa Hunt, you don’t have to say anything – I’ve already made up my mind.
Please inform Francine that if something like this happens again, she should not
blame me for being disrespectful to her.”
With that, Renee turned around and walked away. That was Renee – either she
didn’t make a choice, or she made one and never looked back. Even if she did
have regrets, she would keep moving forward.
Plus, she never had any regrets!
Timothy sighed in the living room after Renee had gone. He glared at the corner
of the stairs and said, “She’s gone. Stop hiding and come out!’
Stefan emerged from behind the stairs. His attractive face was frigid, and
dissatisfaction was written all over it.
“Did you hear what Ren said?”
“Do you regret your actions? She has no intention of reconciling with you. You
were determined to divorce back then, so will you put your pride aside now and
get her back?”
“Who says I want to get her back?” Stefan stuffed his hands in his pockets and
said arrogantly.
“What? Are you prepared to let her go then? Did you forget that you’ve been
sobbing every night for the last four years?”
Timothy’s comments injured Stefan’s pride, and he scowled. “Grandpa, I told
you not to bring that up. I wasn’t crying because of her; I was crying because I
was watching a depressing movie. Can you and Mom stop destroying my
“What do you have to be embarrassed about? When I courted your
grandmother, and your father courted your mother, we used the same
strategies. If I were you, I would have begged on my knees, sobbed to her, and
apologized a million times over to make her return. What do you intend to do
about your relationship with Ren? Are you sure you want to give it up?”
Stefan’s stare was intense and serious. “Love cannot be forced. If she no longer
loves me, the only way to win her back… is to make her fall in love with me


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