The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 632

Chapter 632
After Renee drove her two children to kindergarten, she turned the car around
and drove towards the headquarters of Azure Group.
Azure Group was located in the CBD core area of Beach City, and it was only
one street away from H Group. However, Azure Group’s scope was much
smaller than H Group’s.
The most obvious difference was the office areas of the two groups. Azure
Group had only two levels as office areas while H Group had a whole building to
Enter title…
Renee took the elevator to Azure Group, which was on the twenty-eighth floor of
the office building.
The developer rented that office building out, so there were a lot of companies
like Azure Group in the building.
In the past, Renee was the woman behind the scenes for Azure Group. Most of
the time, she worked away from the office, and rarely went to the building.
It was the morning peak hour when she went to take the elevator that day, so
the line was very long.
Renee put on a mask and a pair of sunglasses. Even so, her figure and
temperament were too outstanding, so she attracted a lot of attention.
The two women in front of her had no makeup on and were wearing simple
clothes. Carrying lunchboxes, they were gossiping excitedly.
‘ Hey, did you hear? The president of Azure Group on the twenty-eighth floor,
Liam, resigned from his post. He won’t come here again from now on…”
“Really? Did Mr. Osborne leave?” The woman appeared melancholic. “I’ve had
a crush on him for such a long time. I always came to work half an hour earlier
just to see him in the elevator. If he’s no longer here, I feel like resigning!”
“Stop being an idiot! He has his first love. I heard that he established Azure
Group for her. Now not only did he transfer all his shares to her, but he even
asked his sister to do the same. Currently, Azure Group belongs to his first love.
We’re all women, but look at her scheme. She’s so good at scheming!”
As she stood behind them, Renee became quite confused.
Liam transferred all his shares to her, and he even asked his sister to do the
same. That was too crazy. Would Laura let her off the hook given how much she
hated her? fast update
Tsk! It seemed like Renee had to deal with the trouble.
That woman continued, “Is his first love you talked about the ex-wife of the
president of H Group?”
“Of course, it’s her! Mr. Osborne might look like a playboy, but he gave all his
love to that woman. She’s really lucky!”
The woman frowned unhappily as she said, “That’s impossible. There must be
some misunderstanding. Mr. Osborne is so exceptional, so why does he want a
divorcee? That woman must have used some cunning tricks to get Mr. Osborne.
If I see her, I’ll scold her. She doesn’t deserve Mr. Osborne at all.”
“Pfft!” Renee couldn’t stop herself from chuckling.
Hmph! As expected, women were the most likely people to discriminate against
other women.
“Why are you laughing?” The two women turned around and glared at Renee
“I’m laughing at how foolish, gossipy, and egotistical you two are.” Each word
Renee used was sharp and rude.
“Who… Who are you? Why did you eavesdrop on our conversation? What does
our conversation have to do with you?”
“At first, I had no interest in listening to your gossip, but it so happens that the
person you’re gossiping about is me. Well, I’ll have to reason with you guys if
that’s the case…”
Renee slowly took off her sunglasses and mask, revealing a devastatingly
gorgeous face. The surrounding people gasped in shock


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