The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 633

Chapter 633
Renee appeared calm when she said to the two women, “Well, it’s true that I
had a divorce, but I don’t think that I’m inferior to others because of it. Everyone
has the right to choose their happiness; I just chose a way that made me happy.
What’s more… Ladies, can you guarantee that you’ll never get a divorce? When
you’re putting me down, did it ever occur to you that you may face the same
situation one day? I’m afraid you’ll be much more miserable than me if it
“Why, you…” The two women were furious, but couldn’t argue.
Enter title…
The surrounding people clapped enthusiastically at Renee’s response,
especially the married women who felt the same as her. Their hands soon
became numb from clapping.
“Good! You made a good point. Women should never look down on other
women. We should unite to fight against those vulgar and crafty men instead of
fighting against other women!” A woman with black glasses added on eagerly.
Renee glanced at the woman and nodded approvingly. Women like her would
surely be respected at the workplace.
When Renee saw that the elevator had arrived, she raised her chin and
straightened her back, walking into the elevator like a queen.
No one dared to follow her except the woman in black glasses. She followed
Renee into the elevator bravely.
“Which floor are you going to?” Renee asked her.
“Twenty-eighth floor. Thank you.” The woman smiled sweetly and thanked
Renee politely.
“Oh, you’re my colleague.” Renee raised her brows and smiled at her.
The woman smoothed her hair and smiled, saying, “Not yet. I’m here for an
interview, but I’m confident that I’ll get the offer.”
“Confident women are the best! Go for it!” Renee encouraged the woman.
They then stepped out of the elevator. As soon as Renee stepped out of the
elevator, she bumped into Laura, who was trying to make a scene.
When Laura saw Renee, she looked like a fierce beast that had just spotted its
prey. “I’ve been waiting here for three days, and you finally showed up. How are
we going to resolve this issue?”
Renee appeared very calm and said, “Are you referring to the fact that your
shares of Azure Group were forcefully transferred to me?”
“That’s right!” Laura smacked the table and said angrily, “It’s fine if my stupid
brother acted foolishly, but he dragged me down with him! I spent money to buy
these shares back then. Why should I give them up just because he asked me
to? He can’t bully me like this! If you don’t return my shares to me today, I won’t
let you live in peace. I’ll take you down with me!”
Renee rubbed her aching temples, then said icily, “Come to my office to talk it
over. Aren’t you embarrassed for making a scene?”
“Fine, let’s talk. I want to see what will come out of it!” Laura followed Renee
into her office.
The employees immediately gathered and started gossiping noisily. “Oh, it’s
over. Our company is over. Both Mr. Osborne’s and Miss Osborne’s power has
been snatched. This company is controlled by an outsider now, and it’ll be
ruined sooner or later. Let’s hurry up and think of a way to leave!


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