The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 634

Chapter 634
Renee was sitting on a leather chair in the chairman’s office. She had a
powerful aura and a composed expression. She looked at Laura, who was
sitting across from her, and got straight to the point. “You waited for me for so
many days here, so what is it you want?’
“Isn’t it obvious? I want my shares back,” Laura scoffed bluntly.
Renee shrugged. “I’m fine with it. I’ll transfer your shares back to you…”
“No, you don’t understand.” Laura adjusted her glasses slightly, her gaze
cunning. “Both you and I know what a bad situation Azure Group is in. I don’t
want shares -1 want you to convert my shares into cash for me.”
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Renee smirked and sipped her coffee before saying, “Miss Osborne, your
thought process is rather amusing. I really don’t understand… What kind of bad
situation is Azure Group in? Why do you want to get cash and run away?”
“What do you think?” Laura said disdainfully, “It’s still acceptable if Azure Group
suffered losses all year round, but you persisted in building research and
production centers. It’ll only burden Azure Group… What’s more, you even
offended Stefan, the president of H Group. How are you going to survive? Even
my idiot brother knew he should run away!”
Renee didn’t get angry, she just nodded and said, “You’re right. It’s an
unavoidable problem for Azure Group.”
Laura smirked as she said, “I heard that you got a sum of money and helped my
dumb brother repay all the debt he owed the bank. It seems you’re capable, so
you should be able to give me my money too. Clearly, you can get billions, so
it’ll be very easy to get such a small amount of money for me.”
However, Renee sneered and said, “You’re the third largest shareholder of
Azure Group, and you transferred 21% of the shares to me. How much do you
want me to pay you?”
“I invested 100 million in this company that year, and this company has run for
more than four years. I won’t make use of your misfortune given that we’ve
worked hard together for so many years. Just double it based on the growth rate
every year and convert the shares to 520 million for me!”
Renee burst out laughing, then retorted sharply, ‘Miss Osborne, you’re asking
for an exorbitant price. It’s natural to win or lose in investment. You claimed that
Azure Group has suffered losses all year round for the past few years, but you
want me to refund you capital based on those years. Who is being stupid now?”
“I don’t care. I already transferred the shares to you, so you must convert them
to 520 million for me. If not, I’ll come and make a scene every day, so this
company will be ruined!” Laura did not want to care about her dignity when it
came to money. She was running out of options. Firstly, her father forced her to
transfer the shares to Renee, so she could never retrieve them. Secondly, the
shares would make her suffer a great loss even if she did not transfer them to
Renee given the current situation of Azure Group. At that point, she would have
lost her capital.
Thus, she might as well take the opportunity to get some money. After all,
Renee was rather capable. She could get billions easily, so a few hundred
million was surely not a big deal.
“You can curse me for being shameless, but I’m out of options. My father values
his son more than his daughters. He has already let my brother lead the
Osborne family. I don’t have any say in Osborne Group, so I can only come to
you to ask for compensation. After all, you’re the reason this happened!” Laura
snarled furiously. She had to fight for this, or else she would have nothing.
After a brief pause, Renee sighed and said rather helplessly, “You’re right – it is
because of me. You’re more or less innocent in all this, so I’ll give you two
“Two options?”
“The first option is to stay in Azure Group. I promise to give you not less than
21% of the shares and a year-end bonus. The second choice is I’ll pay you 520
million, but you must sign a formal contract to give up the shares on your own
willingly. Then, you’ll have nothing to do with Azure Group if it rises or falls in the


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