The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 635

Chapter 635
Laura replied immediately, “Isn’t it obvious? Of course, I’ll pick the 520 million.
Azure Group is going to be ruined, so which fool would stay? You don’t even
know if the company will survive until the end of the year, and yet you’re talking
about a year-end bonus. It’ll be a blessing if the company doesn’t go bankrupt
by then!” Laura sneered mockingly. After all, she had worked hard for four years,
but she saw no benefits. The competition between these companies was also
getting stronger year by year, so it was very difficult to make a turnover.
“Got it!” Renee raised her brows and said to Laura, ’Sign this contract then. I’ll
ask the finance department to transfer the money to you later.”
Enter title…
She pushed the contract to Laura as if she had expected her to choose that
“I didn’t expect you to be so agreeable.” Laura quickly signed her name and
stood up arrogantly. “I’m leaving, but… I believe that we’ll meet again soon.”
After she left the office, one of the company staff stood outside Renee’s door
hesitantly. ‘Miss… Miss Everheart…” fast update
Renee looked up from the document and asked, ’What’s the matter?”
“Well, it’s hard to explain. Please come out and see for yourself!” The staff
looked very troubled.
Renee shook her head and headed out of the office.
She found that a group of employees had gathered and were repeatedly
shouting, “We want compensation!”
Renee gritted her teeth and snapped, “Keep quiet. What is this fuss all about?”
“Miss Everheart is finally here!” The group’s representative walked over to her
and said, “Miss Everheart, we worked for Mr. Osborne and Miss Osborne in the
past. We won’t stay now that they’ve left, but they promised to give us shares
and dividends. We still haven’t received anything until now. Since you’re now
the head of this company, I hope you can fulfil the conditions in the contract
before we leave. If not, we’ll go to the Bureau of Labor!”
‘It’s all about money with them, isn’t it?’ Renee was silently seething. They were
all heartless snobs. Azure Group was still running, but they were just trying to
make things worse for the company.
Renee lowered her head and calmed herself down before she said coldly,” If
you want to resign, go to the Human Resources department and let them know.
I’ll give you a one-month salary. As for those who were promised dividends by
the previous boss, I’ll calculate it based on the situation.
However, do think this through – don’t come to me begging to return in the
“It’s a shabby company! It suffered losses for so many years, and it should have
gone bankrupt long ago. Only a fool would want to come back!”
They hurriedly went to the Human Resources department, and the crowd
eventually disappeared. The only ones left were the women who did paperwork.
Among them was the woman with black glasses who was waiting for Renee to
interview her. “Miss Everheart, it’s nice to meet you. Would you be willing to hire
Renee was surprised. She turned to the woman and asked, “Didn’t you see the
scene earlier? They’re all eager to run away. Why do you want to do the


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