The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 638

Chapter 638
Once Shelley got home, she realized she had left her keys at the company’s
workstation. She had no choice but to take a taxi back to Azure Group.
When Shelley arrived at the office building, she spotted a dark gray sports car
parked in the open parking lot of the building. “Wow! It’s an Aston Martin One77. Isn’t this a limited edition? There are only three of these cars in the world.
How come it’s here?”
Although the young lady seemed like a nerdy girl, she was rebellious at heart.
Ever since she was a kid, she loved sports cars, rock music, and extreme
Enter title…
Shelley froze, her eyes glued to the car. She hurriedly took out her phone and
took multiple photos of it, then realized the car’s owner was still sitting inside the
Shelley’s cheeks turned red, and she quickly leaned down and apologized to the
car owner. “So sorry for causing you trouble!’
As she turned to leave, the car owner suddenly rolled down his window, and
said in a deep voice, Are you working for Azure Group?”
“How did you know?” Shelley completely forgot about the employee tag she
wore. She turned around and said enthusiastically, “I’m indeed an employee at
Azure Group. It’s my first day at work. I’m working as Miss Everheart’s
Suddenly, Shelley’s jaw dropped. She pointed at the man and asked hesitantly,
“Y-You… It can’t be… Are you Stefan Hunt, the president of H Group?! Mr. Hunt,
I really admire you! I’ve always wanted to meet you, and I finally got to see you
in person today!”
Stefan pursed his lips in irritation. “I’m not a movie star, so there’s no need to
“No, no, no! You’re more dazzling than a movie star. There can be many new
stars every day, but you’re unique! You’re perfect!”
Shelley kept singing his praises, but then suddenly recalled something.
Changing her tone, she said harshly, “Unfortunately, you were blind to let go of
such a perfect woman like our boss. There must be something wrong with your
Admittedly, Shelley had admired Stefan before. However, she had been
captivated by Renee’s charm after spending a day with her. She would
unconditionally side with her beautiful lady boss if she had to choose between
Stefan and Renee!
Stefan remained silent. He looked up at the twenty-fourth floor and smiled
Shelley followed Stefan’s gaze and looked up. She smiled cheekily, and looked
at him with renewed interest. “Mr. Hunt, what are you doing here so late at
night? Why did you park your sports car in front of our office building? Are you
stalking Miss Everheart?”
Instead of answering her question, Stefan asked, “Is she still working?”
“You’re waiting for Miss Everheart!’ Shelley was moved and asked tentatively,
“Mr. Hunt, did you regret it? Are you planning to get your perfect ex-wife back?”
Stefan ignored Shelley’s teasing, and told her sternly, “If she’s not done with
work yet, call her and tell her to come down and meet me.”
Stefan had actually arrived an hour ago. Although Stefan and Renee’s offices
were a block apart, the buildings were facing each other. His floor was higher,
but he could clearly see that the lights on Renee’s floor were always on.
Stefan had something to talk to Renee about regarding work, so he came early
to wait for her. The lights on the twenty-fourth floor were soon switched off, but,
she never appeared.
Stefan did not see Renee’s car coming out of the parking lot either, which was a
little strange.


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