The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 640

Chapter 640
Shelley searched around but did not find Renee, so she figured Renee must
have gone home.
Shelley said to Stefan, who was still sitting in Renee’s chair, “Mr. Hunt, Miss
Everheart must have gone home. This is Azure Group’s office, so I hope you
remember your position as an outsider. You should leave now. I’m going to lock
the door.”
Stefan rested his chin on his interlocked fingers, then said with a cold look in his
eyes, “No, she’s not home yet.”
If she had gone home, he would have seen her.
Enter title…
“If she’s not home, where else could she be?” Shelley gathered her courage
and questioned Stefan, “Mr. Hunt, you insist on staying and wont leave. Are you
trying to steal the company’s secrets?”
Stefan snorted in disdain. “This is such a small workshop. What secrets would
this company have that are worth stealing?’ fast update
Shelley fought the urge to roll her eyes, and said awkwardly, “Right. H Group
wouldn’t have to steal information from Azure Group. Even if they did, it’s
unlikely for you to steal it yourself. So, why are you refusing to leave? Are you…
worried about Miss Everheart?”
Stefan did not deny or admit it.
Stefan’s affection warmed Shelley’s heart. She then suggested in a whisper, “Do
you have her family’s phone number? Why don’t we call her family and ask if
she went back? It’s getting late. Even if you keep waiting here, it won’t help!”
“I’ve been divorced from her for so long, so how could I have her family’s phone
number? Besides, she’s the only one left in her family. There’s no one to
contact.” Stefan’s tone was a little sad.
When he thought about it, Renee had such a painful past, but she was still so
optimistic and brave. She had been working hard alone all these years. It must
have been hard for her, right?
“Ah. I almost forgot about Miss Everheart’s sad past. She married a heartless
man like you after the downfall of her family. As a result, she got divorced at a
young age. I think someone was gossiping about Miss Everheart this morning
and looked down on her for being divorced.’
“Really?” Stefan’s gaze instantly turned cold.
“What do you think? Some women are like foul-mouthed bullies. They love
making things difficult for other women.”
“Do you know who it was? I’ll make them pay for saying such terrible things! ”
Stefan was angry to learn that others looked down on Renee because of her
divorce. He felt responsible and wanted to take revenge for her!
“I don’t really know. A few young girls were gossiping. These days, there are
plenty of people with no morals, and there are also many perverts around… I
heard of some in our office building. The pervert will usually lurk around the
entrance to the women’s restroom and secretly film women…’ Shelley paused,
feeling a little disgusted. Men could be such vile creatures.
“Pervert?” Stefan frowned a little and asked, ’Was the pervert caught?”
“Yes, but he was fired and got a small fine. Who knows if he went somewhere
else to commit another crime…” Shelley suddenly thought of something and
seemed nervous. “It can’t be… Do you think the pervert kidnapped Miss
Stefan’s expression was thunderous. “You should’ve told me this earlier!
Call security at once -1 want to see the surveillance footage.”
The security guards of the office building were shocked to hear that Stefan
wanted to check the surveillance. They did not even put on their uniforms neatly
in their haste to get there.
The guards took Stefan and Shelley up to the surveillance control room and
turned on all the records for them to check. In the surveillance record, Renee
appeared and got in the elevator at about half past ten at night.
“Turn on the internal surveillance of elevator number two!


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