The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 641

Chapter 641
Stefan coldly asked the question.
”A-Alright, Mr. Hunt!” The security guard switched on the surveillance camera
for the number two elevator.
Renee was by herself the entire time, but a man in a plaid shirt suddenly walked
in when the elevator stopped on the sixth floor.
The duo conversed for a while before Renee retrieved her phone and made a
call. The man took the phone from Renee.
Enter title…
After that, Renee passed out in the elevator. The man then pulled her close into
his arms.
“Damn it!” Stefan looked like he was about to murder someone. “Who is this
guy? Find him right now.”
How dare that man touch Renee? Stefan was determined to break the man’s
arms since he’d laid them on Renee.
The security guard rubbed his glasses before gasping. “T-This guy was the
person we caught not long ago. He was caught secretly filming women in the
bathroom. The company has already fired him. Why did he come back?”
The surveillance footage continued to show the man carrying Renee out of the
elevator after it stopped on basement level one where the parking lot was
“Where’s the surveillance footage for the parking lot? Show it to me right away!”
Stefan clenched his fists tightly as he gave the order.
“Uhh, about that…’ The security guard stammered. “Mr. Hunt, coincidentally, the
surveillance footage for the underground parking lot became faulty. We were
about to replace it, but unexpectedly…”
“What did you say?” Stefan grabbed the security guard by his collar. “How could
you change something so important? Doesn’t that make you an accomplice?
Are you and that pervert working together?”
“N-No, please calm down, Mr. Hunt. We thought the underground parking lot’s
surveillance system was important, and that’s why we bought a high- quality
stereo imaging monitor. Coincidentally, it was a little too late. We…”
“Alright, alright. Let’s not waste more time. We should look for clues in the
underground parking lot.” Shelley was slightly calmer than Stefan at this point.
Stefan took a deep breath and let go of the security guard. They rode the
elevator to the underground parking lot.
The parking lot in the building was huge, but everyone usually went there via
public transport. Very few people drove there. In fact, at this hour, most who had
driven here had already gone home. The entire parking lot was empty. There
were very few cars around.
“There aren’t even that many cars. I bet that pervert already brought Miss
Everheart to his car and drove away. This is terrifying. We should call the cops
right away!” Shelley retrieved her phone and called the cops to inform them
about the situation.
The cops soon arrived. After assessing the situation, they asked everyone to
return to the police station to file a police report.
They began following the cops out of the underground parking lot.
Stefan, however, kept turning back. Something felt amiss…
That’s because he’d been waiting in front of the building all this while, and he
never saw any car leaving the building. He had an excellent memory, and he
knew he wouldn’t make a mistake.
“Mr. Hunt? Mr. Hunt?” The police officer called out. “Don’t worry. Our men
are all over this area. I’m certain we’ll find her. Let’s file a report at the police
station first!”


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