The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 645

Chapter 645
“N-No… I wouldn’t dare… Mr. Hunt, please forgive me. I won’t do it again.
Please…” “Don’t worry. I’ll spare your insignificant life. I’ll give you a taste of hell
on earth!” Stefan stepped on the man’s head and pressed it into the mud.
The pervert didn’t dare fight back, and he soon passed out from fear…
Renee was still lying on the cold mat. She was already untied, and her clothes
were also loose. Her fair skin was slightly pinkish. She looked like the most
enticing meal in the world.
Enter title…
Renee wriggled her way to Stefan and wrapped her arms around his legs. She
then pressed her face against him. “Stefan, you’re really here. Am I imagining
Stefan looked down confusedly at her. “You’ve been saved. Hurry up and put on
your clothes. Stop messing around!”
He didn’t know that Renee was under the drug’s influence and couldn’t think
clearly. He also didn’t know that, from her perspective, he was the only cure for
her burning passion.
“I haven’t been rescued yet. I feel awful. It’s so warm. You’re a good person.
Help me all the way…” Renee said while she stood up and wrapped her arms
around his neck.
“You’re my cure. I need you. You can’t leave me!” Her clothes fell to the ground.
She was almost fully naked.
“Erk-hem!” Even if Stefan had a lot of self-control, he couldn’t keep it together
when he saw her like this.
He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “Have you thought it through?”
Renee looked seductively at him while moving her lips close to his ear. “Of
course, I’ve thought it through. I know what I’m doing. I need you…”
“Okay. Don’t regret this.” Stefan directly picked Renee up and brought her out of
this dark, damp place…
The next day, the sun pierced through the curtains and against the large, white
bed. Renee woke up with a headache.
“Where am I?” She asked aloud before looking around. This place felt familiar
yet foreign at the same time.
After a while, it hit her.
“Oh my god. Isn’t this Stefan’s room? What am I doing here?”
She lived in this mansion for four entire years. She knew it inside and out.
Stefan’s room was the only room she rarely entered. That’s why it felt relatively
“Damn it. What on earth happened last night? Didn’t I work late and go home
after that? How…”
Renee struck her own head repeatedly, but no matter how many times she tried,
she just couldn’t recall what happened the night before.
This was when she heard a sound coming from the bathroom.
Stefan walked out in a blue bathrobe and a blank expression on his face, his
hair still dripping wet.
“You’re awake,” he said while he looked at the confused Renee in bed.
“Uhh…” Seeing how calm Stefan was, Renee tried to calm herself down. She
nodded stiffly. “Yeah!”
Stefan brushed his fingers through his messy hair and walked up to Renee. He
looked down at her. “Since you’re awake, let’s talk. How do you plan to deal with
this matter?”


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