The Untouchable Ex-Wife By Mizuki Sei Chapter 648

Chapter 648
“Renee, why are you in front of Stefan’s room? Did you two…” Xavier was the
first to gasp.
The others, including Christopher, who were from wealthy families, all appeared
equally surprised.
Renee cleared her throat and pretended to be calm. “I came here to talk about
business. Nothing happened between us. Don’t let your thoughts wander,” she
said arrogantly.
In the next second, Stefan walked out of the room in his pajamas. His hair was
still wet. “Oh, good thing you haven’t left. Don’t you want your scrunchie
Enter title…
Renee’s facial expression froze. ‘Damn! This is embarrassing!’
She accepted the black scrunchie from Stefan. “What a coincidence. I was
looking for it everywhere. It seems that you found it.’
Stefan crossed his arms before looking at her from top to bottom. “You look
s*xier with your hair down. Last night…”
“Ahem!” Renee coughed profusely in an attempt to stop him from speaking.
Was he blind? There were so many people around. Was it necessary to
describe such intimate details so openly?
The men looked at each other. Xavier showed a knowing look before chuckling.
“Alright, alright. Don’t bother with the explanation. We’re all adults. We
“I think we came at the wrong time. If you need us to leave for a while, we can
do that,’ Christopher chimed in.
“That won’t be necessary…” Stefan said calmly. “You came at the right time
because the wrong time had already passed.”
“Stefan!” Renee clenched her jaws and waved her fists angrily. ‘If you say
anything you’re not supposed to, you’re going to pay for it!”
However, Stefan kept his arms crossed and leaned casually against the wall.
“Was I wrong? Would you like me to show my battle scars to everyone?”
“If you dare!”
“I’m the victim. Why wouldn’t I?” Stefan replied.
“You…” Renee suddenly realized that Stefan could be completely unreasonable
at times. There was nothing she could do when he behaved like this.
If he really did take off his pajamas, she’d leave Beach City on a rocket right
away… No, she’d leave Earth!
“What do you want? Just say it!” Renee knew Stefan too well.
She could tell that he was dead set on teasing her. He wanted to embarrass her.
As someone who knew how to read the room, Renee had no choice but to give
in for now.
Stefan raised his brows, pleased with Renee’s obedient behavior. He turned to
look at his friends. “Let’s have a barbecue in the backyard. The maids have
already prepared all the ingredients, but unfortunately, I don’t trust in their
“It’s fine. We can do it ourselves. It’s supposed to be more fun if we do it
“I agree. I can roast the best chicken wings in town. I’ll do it for you guys today.”
The handsome men started speaking one after the other.
Xavier could tell what was on Stefan’s mind. He looked at the other guys.” What
are you fighting for? How could you guys possibly cook anything good?’
“In my opinion, Renee probably has the best roasting skills. She so happens to
be here. Why don’t we nominate her as our primary chef?”
The suggestion was immediately met with everyone’s strong approval. Although
they didn’t know Renee very well, they knew about her relationship with Stefan.
They were all eager to watch a show!


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